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  3. Scottish Renewables Low-Carbon Cities Conference

Scottish Renewables Low-Carbon Cities Conference


With the bulk of Scotland’s power now coming from renewable energy and a new Scottish Climate Change Bill in the offing, Scotland continues to lead the way in building a low-carbon economy. Scottish Renewables’ first ever Low-Carbon Cities Conference explores the many opportunities for Scotland’s cities to embrace the transition to a sustainable, clean, green economy; reducing energy costs and tackling fuel poverty, while attracting low-carbon investment and jobs, and building Scotland’s industries of the future.

Cities across Scotland are already forging ahead with ground-breaking projects to decarbonise their energy supplies, and this conference will share the experiences of some of those initiatives. But there’s still a long way to go if we are to meet our ambitious targets and achieve the goal of cutting carbon at the lowest cost, so we’ll look at emerging ideas and solutions on transforming our urban areas into smart cities for the next generation.

We will also highlight the latest developments and new technologies across the generation, storage, distribution and use of energy, and how these could be applied across our urban centres.

This is your chance to hear from senior figures in government, industry and academia, and to set out your views, as we seek to shape the future of Scotland’s low-carbon cities.

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