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"The ADE is excellent at understanding legislative proposals and arguing the logic for changes where appropriate. Though a small organisation, the ADE punches above its weight and engages extensively with Government to win recognition for the important role that combined heat and power plants do play and must continue to play in delivering a successful green economy for the UK. Tata Chemicals Europe values greatly the work carried out by the ADE on behalf of its members, and has no hesitation in endorsing its work."

- Tata Chemicals

"The ADE continually impresses us with its ability to reach key decision makers within Government. Energy policy is often a critical factor when we make investment decisions. Being part of the ADE gives us a route to raise urgent policy issues with the right people and get effective resolution so that our business can move projects forward."

- Estover Energy

“The ADE’s clear call for CHP Quality Assurance scheme to be grandfathered for existing renewable CHP schemes demonstrated the Association’s ability to protect their members’ investments and deliver certainty and confidence for the renewable CHP industry.”

- Sembcorp 

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Our most recent achievements

Download the full 2015-2016 Achievements letter here

Strategic Achievements 

Less waste more growth | Boosting energy productivity
A central theme of the year was our Energy Productivity Campaign, which gives context to the work our members do; cutting energy waste from the system. The report, which calculates that over £9bn of energy is wasted every year, gained the Association its very fi­rst broadsheet feature in The Times, and brought together 14 organisations, from industry to green NGOs to help make the case for action. We see getting Government to recognise this waste as central to changing the debate about energy system efficiency.

Merger with UK Demand Response Association
At the President’s annual reception, the ADE announced that it would merge with the UK Demand Response Association. The merger has signifi­cantly boosted the Association’s strength and impact on demand side issues, providing benefi­ts across all of our members’ sectors.

Supply Chain Partners introduced
The ADE introduced a secondary non-member level of engagement called Supply Chain Partner in April 2015. Supply Chain Partner status provides those companies with enhanced visibility and connection with the industry sectors represented by the ADE.

£1.15 billion Renewable Heat Incentive extension
The Chancellor announced that the RHI would be extended to 2021 with a £1.15billion budget and a renewed focus on value for money. This funding represents £700m in new funding.

Industrial CHP

  • Published a new industrial CHP map identifying 2.9GW of potential new industrial CHP in addition to showcasing 383 existing sites supporting 100,000 jobs.
  • Secured fair Efficiency Reference Values for gas and renewable CHP under the Energy Efficiency Directive by working with EU partner organisations. There were only small increases for gas CHP, counteracted by greater recognition for locally-produced electricity.
  • Agreed in principle that changes to Energy Taxation should protect value for high efficiency CHP through constructive engagement with HM Treasury and BIS on the Business Energy Tax Review.
  • Secured the removal of a harmful CHP efficiency defi­nition from Large Combustion Plant Directive Reference Document by working with European partners.
  • Ensured implementation of £400m in CHP relief in Budget 2015 maximised value for Association members, providing HM Treasury with detailed case studies and member site visits.


Building, Small Scale and Micro CHP

  • Protected package CHP under Medium Combustion Plant Directive by preventing aggregation of smaller units.
  • Secured Capacity Market reforms to allow aggregation of new build CHP plants.
  • Association’s 'Maximising CHP's electricity value' conference showed 80 operators and suppliers how to navigate an increasingly complicated regulatory and market landscape.
  • Launched a series of market development seminars focussed on improving consultant and contractor standards in procuring, installing and operating CHP.
  • Secured a route for exemptions for manufacturers from new European grid code requirements.
  • Persuaded the Greater London Authority to investigate demonstration of CHP's true NOx impact through dispersal modelling.

Heat Networks

  • Secured £300m DECC funding to support a major uptake in new heat networks.
  • Launched Code of Practice for Heat Networks to give designers and developers minimum standards and encourage best practice, from feasibility through to construction and operation.
  • Protected 15,000 district heating customers under UK's fi­rst independent heat customer protection scheme. Heat Trust is supported by the Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and launched after over two years of development by the Association.
  • Organised Association’s ­first Scottish District Heating Conference where Scottish Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism, Fergus Ewing SMP reaffirmed Scotland's commitment to connect 40,000 homes to district heating by 2030.
  • Promoted understanding of district heating through commissioning illustrations and customer focussed case studies to help explain to householders how it works and the benefi­ts of being connected.

Demand Side Energy Services

  • Increased collaboration with DECC officials to improve treatment of demand response in Capacity Market.
  • Implemented the Demand Response Forum and Working Group.
  • Secured reforms to the Capacity Market, including the removal of the ‘double forfeit’ scenario.
  • Strategic engagement with National Grid on their Power Responsive Campaign to advocate benefi­ts of DSR for industrial & commercial energy users.