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Benefits of CHP

Benefits of CHP

CHP provides the following direct benefits:

  • minimum 10% energy savings, but typical markedly higher
  • cost savings of between 15% and 40% over electricity sourced from the grid and heat generated by on-site boilers
  • minimum 10% CO2 savings for good quality natural gas CHP in comparison to conventional forms of energy generation
  • high overall efficiency – up to 80% or more at the point of use
  • additional guarantee of continuity in energy supplies for operator & consumer
  • proven and reliable technology with established supplier base

These in turn deliver a range of beneficial outcomes:

  • a reduction in the cost of energy, improving the competitiveness of industry and business, helping alleviate fuel poverty and lowering cost in delivery of public services
  • enhanced security of supply, making energy go further, through more efficient use of fuel – regardless of whether the fuel is renewable or fossil
  • increased flexibility and reliability of energy supply, both nationally and locally – as CHP can complement and enhance other forms of energy generation
  • flexible and responsive heat supplies – the thermal energy (heat or cooling) produced by CHP can be easily stored and later delivered to meet demand
  • reduced overall demand from centralised, such as large scale coal or gas fired power stations – thus reducing stress on the electricity grid



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