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Consumer Protection

What is it? 
Heat Trust is a voluntary industry initiative which sets out a common standard of quality and protection for the supply of heat. By joining the scheme, heat suppliers demonstrate their commitment to providing their heat customers with this level of quality and protection. This common standard has been designed to give you, the customer, the same peace of mind as you would expect from other utilities. The Scheme is set to launch in Summer 2015.

How does it work?
The Scheme sets out a number of requirements for heat suppliers to abide by in the supply of heat. The Scheme includes rules on the following:

  • Heat customer obligations
  • Support for vulnerable heat customers
  • Heat supplier obligations
  • Heat customer service and reporting a fault or emergency
  • Joining and leaving procedures
  • Heat meters
  • Heat Interface Units
  • Heat bill and heat charge calculations
  • Heat bill payment arrangements and the management of arrears
  • Suspension and resumptions of service processes
  • Complaint handling and independent complaint handling
  • Privacy policy and data protection

What level of protection will I get?
The requirements of the Scheme are comparable to the quality and performance standards for regulated utilities and draw on legislation and industry best practice. Heat Trust is working with a number of heat suppliers to ensure membership of the Scheme. 

What should I do if I have a complaint about my heat supply? 
At first, all heat customers are asked to speak directly with their heat supplier to resolve the problem. In the event that the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, those heat customers whose schemes are registered with Heat Trust, have access to a specialist Independent Complaint Handling Service. Once the Scheme is launched, that service will be supplied by an independent third party.

Is my supplier registered?
Once launched, all suppliers that are registered to the Scheme will be listed here. If you would like to request your supplier to join, please send us their details here.  

Where can I get more information?
More information can be found at 


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