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Heat Conference 2016

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  1. London Build 2016 - Free to Attend

    26/10/2016 - 27/10/2016

    London Build 2016 is the ideal opportunity for your organisation to gain access to all the latest construction projects in the capital; and the opportunity to network with thousands of attendees from contractors, developers, architects, government and other construction industry professionals.

  2. CIBSE Conference and Ehibition

    17/11/2016 - 18/11/2016

    Performance. Inspiration. Aspiration – The 2016 CIBSE Conference & Exhibition will deliver on all accounts. This leading UK event examines the design, delivery and operation of low energy, cost-effective, buildings which perform.

  3. Heat 2016: from global agreement to local action


    Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister of State for Energy, will address Britain’s biggest energy challenge at the forthcoming Heat Conference. Heat accounts for almost one half of UK energy costs and the cost of heat continues to rise. Britain faces an urgent challenge in transforming how homes, offices and industry are heated; in its recent report Next Steps for UK Heat Policy, the Committee on Climate Change put it simply: “deployment of low carbon heat cannot wait until the 2030s”. The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) and the Energy Institute (EI) will place the challenge of heat centre stage at the 2016 Heat Conference, to be held in Central London on Wednesday 23 November.

  4. Future of the UK electricity network and priorities for moving towards a smart energy system


    Timed to discuss the Government’s consultation into developing a smart energy system, this seminar will assess the next steps and policy priorities for making the ‘smart grid’ a reality. Delegates will evaluate the options for establishing a flexible and low-carbon electricity network, including an assessment of how new system measures such as demand-side response and automated processes should be integrated into standard network operations, as well as the role of increased energy storage capacity in managing and responding to demand changes.

  5. Scottish Renewables Low-Carbon Cities Conference


    With the bulk of Scotland’s power now coming from renewable energy and a new Scottish Climate Change Bill in the offing, Scotland continues to lead the way in building a low-carbon economy. Scottish Renewables’ first ever Low-Carbon Cities Conference explores the many opportunities for Scotland’s cities to embrace the transition to a sustainable, clean, green economy; reducing energy costs and tackling fuel poverty, while attracting low-carbon investment and jobs, and building Scotland’s industries of the future.

  6. Scottish Renewables Annual Conference: Scotland’s Energy Evolution

    21/3/2017 - 22/3/2017

    2017 will see Scotland’s energy sector continuing its evolution. The next 12 months will herald a new Energy Strategy and stricter carbon reduction targets for Scotland, an industrial strategy and the publishing of a climate change plan at Westminster, and further clarity on the emerging shape of Britain’s likely exit from the EU. Scottish Renewables’ Annual Conference 2017 will look at what these changes mean for the future development of Scotland’s renewable energy sector.

  7. Euroheat & Power Congress

    14/5/2017 - 17/5/2017

    The 2017 Euroheat & Power Congress will be held in Glasgow. Save the date!This congress and exhibition will offer active participation by providing an excellent programme with speakers from different levels of governance and stakeholders. It provides a platform to discuss major issues of importance for European and Global District Energy sectors across a range of technical and commercial issues; from resource assessment and innovative technological design, to market and policy developments.