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Guru Systems Limited



2nd Floor
10 Stoney Street

Contact: Casey Cole, Managing Director

Telephone: 020 7042 9270


Guru Systems manufactures and supplies pay-as-you-go and monitoring systems for decentralised energy schemes.

The London-based company’s technology allows operators of onsite energy schemes to constantly monitor the efficiency of their networks via data collected by its meters.

The system comprises control and display hardware, the Guru Hub, installed in each flat or small commercial unit, an internet gateway per site, and cloud-based server infrastructure.

The real-time information collected by the meters helps landlords and developers eliminate the two biggest risks on distributed energy schemes: unpaid energy bills and losses due to undiscovered inefficiencies. Thanks to the technology, operators of networks are able to calculate the exact cost of heat provided to residents, as well as any efficiencies on the scheme (see diagram below).

Click to enlarge

Each Hub connects to up to five utility meters or sensors in a premises, maintains balances for each utility account and may take action based on measured data; for example, the hub may shut a supply valve when the corresponding account balance reaches zero. Hubs can also be used for demand side response (DSR) applications. 

Individual hubs are connected by a wireless mesh using the same technology as the Government has chosen for its £12 billion smart meter rollout, which enables the Guru Hubs to integrate with other utility smart meters, smart appliances and home automation products.

Click to enlarge

Guru Systems’ technology is installed on more than 60 networks across the UK, on both private and social housing developments.

The company has worked closely with a number of housing associations to reduce network losses, as social housing providers cannot legally make a profit on the energy they sell to their tenants.

Guru Systems won Most Innovative New Product at the Housing Innovation Awards 2015 for its work in the sector. See video below to hear award judge Fiona MacGregor, Executive Director of Programmes at the Homes and Communities Agency, talk about the win:

As meters can operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, operators are able to accurately charge residents in real-time for the energy they have used – a stark contrast to other metering technologies which can take months to feed vital data back to energy providers.

For more information on the company please visit


Advanced algorithms developed by Guru Systems could soon be used to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of district heat networks thanks to a £7 million funding programme from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Click here to read more.

Technology developed by Guru Systems has been named most new innovative product of the year by the Housing Innovation Awards 2015. Click here to read more.

A pilot project by Octavia Housing is helping landlords re-think how they deliver heat and tackle fuel poverty in thousands of social housing properties across the UK supplied by low carbon district heating systems, thanks to technology developed by Guru Systems. Click here to read more.


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