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The Association for Decentralised Energy is the leading decentralised energy advocate, focused on creating a more cost effective, efficient and user-orientated energy system.

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    Find out about the work we're doing towards our vision of an integrated approach to energy, delivered locally, designed around the needs of the user. 


    Our Publications
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    Find out more about suppliers of products and services for district heating, combined heat and power and demand side.


    Our Supply Chain Partners
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    1. Modernising the UK's Energy Network - The Policy-UK Forum: Morning, Tuesday 1st November 2016
      19 August
    2. Complete this district heating survey for a chance to win a £50 Marks and Spencer’s voucher
      19 August
    3. National Grid slashes forecasts for big new power plants
      19 August
    4. Draft Consultation response | CUSC modifications on the Triad embedded benefit
      19 August
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Scottish Renewables Solar Conference & Exhibition In association with SISER | Edinburgh

Soak up the Sun: Our Thermal and PV Future - Join Scottish Renewables to hear from industry leaders and key stakeholders on the future of solar in Scotland.

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