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Integrated Energy

 The aim of ‘Integrated Energy: The role of CHP and district heating in our energy future’ is to provide you, the reader, with a clear picture of how CHP and district heating can directly contribute to help address the unprecedented energy challenges we currently face.

Over the coming decades we face a period of necessary transformation in the way we generate, supply and use energy. This document sets out to highlight opportunities we now face as part of this process. Outlining a concept of 'integrated energy', it seeks to emphasise the value and benefit of diversity, flexibility and efficiency in developing an optimised energy system over the next 40 years.

Through this lens, the document considers the energy priorities and challenges we face. It looks at how CHP and district heating can contribute, the benefits they can deliver and the specific obstacles
to deployment that they currently face. Not as standalone answers in their own right, but as part of a broader and more integrated approach to energy as a whole. In conclusion the document covers the relevant approach to policy formation we must adopt to unlock practical and tangible benefits of such an approach.