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  1. 37th Euroheat & Power Congress 27th April 2015

    27 Mar 2015

    Join EHP at the 37th Euroheat & Power Congress to see how our sector can contribute to and benefit from an ever-more connected world!

  2. Draft Consultation Response | Non-financial barriers to gas CHP

    27 Mar 2015

    The Association has produced a draft response to a DECC consultation on the non-financial barriers to gas CHP, and would welcome members' comments.

  3. Cofely GDF SUEZ operated Coventry District Energy Scheme becomes fully operational

    26 Mar 2015

    The Coventry District Energy Scheme, operated by Cofely GDF SUEZ is now fully operational and delivering low carbon heat to key public buildings across the city-centre.

  4. Government confirms zero carbon exemption for small housing sites

    26 Mar 2015

    The Government has today confirmed that it will exempt small housing sites from a key part of the zero carbon homes policy.

  5. SURVEY: Evaluation of the Capacity Market

    26 Mar 2015

    DECC has commissioned Grant Thornton and Pöyry to undertake an independent evaluation of EMR. The purpose of this evaluation will be to assess the effectiveness of the processes in practice and the contribution of the programme so far to UK Government energy and climate change objectives. As part of this evaluation, Pöyry and Grant Thornton are seeking the perspectives of a wide range of stakeholders and have asked us to circulate this to our readers.

  6. DECC - Guidance: SME guide to energy efficiency

    26 Mar 2015

    Improving energy efficiency has an important role to play in delivering affordable, sustainable and secure energy for the UK. 99.9% of the UK’s businesses are SMEs - the SME guide to energy efficiency aims support the UK’s SMEs to unlock the benefits of energy efficiency.

  7. Member states face legal action over energy efficiency

    26 Mar 2015

    More than two thirds of EU countries face European Commission legal action and possible fines, after failing to translate the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive into national law. Euractiv reports.

  8. Heat Network Regulation Amendments

    26 Mar 2015

    DECC published today Amendments to the Heat Network Regulations 2014. A briefing note is available to members.

  9. DECC: The heat is on to ensure warmer, healthy homes for everyone

    26 Mar 2015

    Local Authorities on the front line of tackling cold homes can now apply for their share of a £25 million Central Heating Fund, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has announced.

  10. Member Briefing | Zero Carbon Homes update

    26 Mar 2015

    The Association has produced a short briefing note on a recent DCLG ministerial planning update, which announced decisions on the Government's Zero Carbon Homes small site exemption and how Councils can set discretionary energy standards above national level in their development plans.

  11. Inaugural Demand Side Forum to be held on 9 April

    26 Mar 2015

    The Association for Decentralised Energy will be holding its inaugural meeting of the new Demand Side Forum next month, bringing together industry leaders in energy management, demand response and demand side energy services.

  12. Green Investment Bank - Ten ways to make UK cities greener

    25 Mar 2015

    The Green Investment Bank highlighted district heating and combined heat and power as two of the top ten ways to unlock the benefit of greener cities infrastructure in their report launched today.

  13. DECC and BIS - Research and analysis: Industrial Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency Roadmaps to 2050

    25 Mar 2015

    These reports that set out potential pathways for the eight most heat-intensive industrial sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.

  14. Investment in low-carbon generation tops £42bn since 2010

    25 Mar 2015

    Around £42.1bn has been invested in low-carbon generating capacity in the UK since 2010, according to DECC and within the document DECC forecasts that between now and 2020 we expect investment in renewable and natural gas-fuelled Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems of around £5 billion.

  15. Planning update March 2015

    25 Mar 2015

    Read for an update on zero carbon homes and

  16. Energy Collective: Seeking Consensus on the Internalized Costs of Energy Efficiency

    24 Mar 2015

    Energy efficiency is often hailed as being the cheapest alternative fuel that we have (e.g. the image shown below). It can be a bit tricky to quantify though since there are many gray areas and a vast array of different technological possibilities. Finding trustworthy data giving an overall impression of the cost of efficiency is therefore quite challenging. Energy Collective want you to join the debate on internalized costs of energy efficiency

  17. Climate Change Minister visits ENER-G CHP project at Solihull Hospital

    23 Mar 2015

    Ed Davey MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, saw energy saving in action on a visit to an ENER-G CHP project at Solihull Hospital.

  18. Feasibility study on improving the evidence base for industrial energy efficiency

    23 Mar 2015

    Verco were commissioned by DECC to review the UK industrial energy efficiency evidence base. These are the reports from the 2-phase project to answer three key questions: what are the existing trends in industrial process energy use; what is the technical and economic energy efficiency potential over the coming decades; and what are the barriers to uptake of energy efficiency improvements, including the question of what evidence exists that quantifies or compares barriers.

  19. Short course on Combined Heat and Power

    23 Mar 2015

    From 22 June to 26 June 2015, Cranfield University is organising the 9th edition of its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) course. The Course will provide delegates with an understanding of CHP technologies with conventional fuels and renewables taking into account current challenges. A key aspect of the course will be the assessment of financial viability of a cogeneration system involving several factors.

  20. DECC and Ricardo AEA to present at next week's Buildings Forum

    20 Mar 2015

    DECC and Ricardo AEA will both be presenting to Association members at next week's Building Forum, including an updated report on small-scale CHP sales.