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News June 2012

  1. CHPA secures Parliamentary debate on CHP LECs

    29 Jun 2012

    Treasury commits DECC to examining support for CHP.

  2. CHPA resonse to Gas Generation Strategy

    29 Jun 2012

    Response highlights the value of CHP in reducing emissions and improving security of supply through efficient operation.

  3. New Member - SSE

    28 Jun 2012

    SSE (formerly Scottish & Southern Energy) joins the CHPA.

  4. Heat in the EU Energy Roadmap 2050

    22 Jun 2012

    The CHPA chaired a cross-industry seminar in the European Commission, aimed at raising the significance and understanding of heat in the EU's Energy Roadmap 2050.

  5. Big welcome for ECO announcement from CHP and district heating industry

    22 Jun 2012

    The CHPA has welcomed Ed Davey’s ECO announcement of 11 June as a step forward for ending fuel poverty.

  6. DECC Gas Generation Strategy

    20 Jun 2012

    The CHPA is seeking feedback on its draft response to the Gas Generation Strategy call for evidence.

  7. New Member - Bloomsbury Heat and Power Consortium

    12 Jun 2012

    Bloomsbury Heat and Power Consortium join the CHPA

  8. New Member - Danfoss Randall Ltd

    12 Jun 2012

    Leading supplier of domestic and commercial heating controls joins the CHPA.

  9. New Member - Itron

    12 Jun 2012

    Gas, water, electricity and heat meter manufacturer joins the CHPA.

  10. New Member - GE Energy

    12 Jun 2012

    GE Energy join the CHPA.

  11. ECC Committee pre-legislative scrutiny of Electricity Market Reform

    7 Jun 2012

    CHPA respond to call for evidence from the Energy & Climate Change Committee.