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News November 2012

  1. CHPA response to Biomass Electricity & Combined Heat & Power plants – ensuring sustainability and affordability

    30 Nov 2012

    The Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) welcomes the opportunity to respond to Part A of this consultation

  2. CHPA response to consultation for the RIIO-ED1 electricity distribution price control

    29 Nov 2012

    The Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the RIIO ED-1 overview consultation. The CHPA is the leading advocate of an integrated approach to delivering energy services using combined heat and power and district heating. The Association has over 100 members active across a range of technologies and markets and is one of the leading industry bodies in the sustainable energy sector.

  3. ‘Affordable’ energy deal prompts calls for energy saving investment

    23 Nov 2012

    Energy efficiency investment ‘vital’ to protect competitiveness of UK economy and household budgets.

  4. CHPA response to Environmental Audit Committee Budget 2013 Inquiry

    22 Nov 2012

    The CHPA makes recommendations for better supporting industry’s role in the green economy.

  5. CHPA response to consultation on RHI for Heat Pumps and Energy from Waste

    22 Nov 2012

    The CHPA recommends supporting organsiations to choose high efficiency CHP over power-only generation.

  6. CHPA response to Renewables Obligation proposed limit on new dedicated biomass generation

    22 Nov 2012

    The CHPA supports Government’s efforts to drive the most optimal use of biomass.

  7. CHPA Award Winners 2012

    16 Nov 2012

    Now in its fifth year, the CHPA Awards showcase achievement, innovation and best practice from across the sector.

  8. CHPA response to Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Banding Review: Supplementary Consultation

    16 Nov 2012

    November 2012

  9. Heat opens new frontier in energy policy

    15 Nov 2012

    Heat Conference 2012 delegates hear of renewed focus on heat policy from DECC Secretary of State, Ed Davey.

  10. CHPA presents “Big Offer” to Energy Secretary to boost community district heating

    15 Nov 2012

    The CHPA today presented a “Big Offer” to Energy Secretary Ed Davey, the aim being to boost the amount of district heating in local communities.

  11. A smarter tomorrow at the Heat Conference 2012: Does heat hold the key to building a smarter energy system?

    7 Nov 2012

    Taking a systems approach to thinking about our changing energy system can help shed light on opportunities for the UK, its energy businesses and their customers.