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News March 2016

  1. IPPR - Government scheme to keep lights on is not fit for purpose

    31 Mar 2016

    Despite awarding £2.8 billion in subsidies to power companies the government’s scheme to ensure a secure energy supply for businesses and households in the UK is failing, according to a new report published by IPPR today.

  2. Fiddler's Ferry coal fired power station awarded contract

    31 Mar 2016

    SSE’s power station at Fiddler’s Ferry, Cheshire, has today successfully secured a contract to provide ancillary services to National Grid through the Supplementary Balancing Reserve.

  3. Industrial Forum | 27th April 2016

    31 Mar 2016

    The next meeting will take place at the offices of the ADE at 11:00-15:00hrs on Wednesday 27th April 2016.

  4. DECC - UK energy statistics: statistical - March 2016

    31 Mar 2016

    Energy Trends and Energy Prices publications are published today 31 March 2016 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The publications cover new data for the fourth quarter of 2015 and thus provisional annual data for 2015.

  5. Ferrybridge C coal fired power station ceases production

    31 Mar 2016

    Ferrybridge C power station will officially close on the 31st of March after 50 proud years of electricity production. The coal-fired power station has been operated by SSE since 2004, and at its peak could meet the needs of two million people from its four 500MW units.

  6. $1tn could be wasted on 'unneeded' new coal plants, report warns

    30 Mar 2016

    Almost $1tn of investment in new coal-fired power stations could be wasted if growing concerns about climate change and air pollution leave the plants unused, according to a new report.

  7. Director to speak at Utility Week Energy Summit - 5 July 2016

    30 Mar 2016

    The Association for Decentralised Energy is a proud supporter of the 2016 Utility Week Energy Summit taking place on 5 July in Westminster, London. ADE Director Dr Tim Rotheray will be speaking as part of the Future Networks and Heat Policy panel. A preferential ticket rate is available for ADE members.

  8. Industrial Forum Members Event | CHP Quality Assurance review

    30 Mar 2016

    To maintain compliance with the Energy Efficiency Directive, the CHP Quality Assurance (CHPQA) scheme must be revised to ensure they are in line with the revised reference reference efficiencies. Ricardo AEA has kindly offered to meet with members as part of an informal consultation process and ADE members are invited to attend a presentation and discussion from 15.00 to 17.00 on 27 April at the Association's offices.

  9. Vital Energi Powers Bridlington Hospital to £2.2 Million Energy Savings

    29 Mar 2016

    York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have chosen NHS Sustainability day as the ideal day for the official opening of their refurbished energy centre at Bridlington Hospital. The £1.24M project has been designed and installed by Vital Energi as an energy performance contract, which guarantees over £2.2m of energy savings and over 10,000 of CO2 reduction during the 15-year agreement.

  10. Plans for Icelandic-style geothermal energy wells for Aberdeen

    29 Mar 2016

    PLANS to drill a deep geothermal well below Aberdeen to heat local homes and businesses would unlock massive quantities of pollution-free energy, campaigners claim.

  11. North Sea gas pipeline faces threat of closure

    29 Mar 2016

    ConocoPhillips is drawing up plans to shut down one of the North Sea’s biggest gas pipeline systems in a move that threatens to knock out 10 per cent of the UK’s gas capacity and a string of active fields

  12. The Scottish Government - Report of the Special Working Group on Regulation for the Scottish Government and the Expert Commissio

    29 Mar 2016

    In 2014 the Scottish Government set up Special Working Group to look at the current regulatory environment in Scotland as it affects district heating and to make recommendations as to what changes, if any, would be helpful in supporting and promoting district heating. A report on their findings has now been published.

  13. Business could save £1bn through energy behaviour change

    28 Mar 2016

    British companies could save as much as £1bn on their energy bills by changing their ‘energy behaviours’ rather than rely on technical solutions, according to Npower energy experts.

  14. New report shows British businesses give show of support for planned energy changes

    24 Mar 2016

    New research from npower Business Solutions has revealed that many British businesses believe upcoming changes to energy legislation will have a positive impact.

  15. Brexit could increase energy costs by £500mn, study says

    24 Mar 2016

    A report by Vivid Economics has warned that a vote to leave the EU is “very likely” to have a negative impact on UK energy systems. Published on Thursday 24 March, the study, commissioned by National Grid, said that cost increases would be most significant if Brexit resulted in the UK leaving the internal energy market, though even if this were not the case the UK could still be expected to lose influence over policy development.

  16. UK could save £1bn by paying people to change electricity use

    24 Mar 2016

    The UK could save about £1bn and thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions by paying people to use electricity at different times, according to a study using government figures by Open Energi.

  17. UK's fastest energy storage system connects to grid

    24 Mar 2016

    Energy giant E.ON has teamed up with a group of universities to create and connect a giant battery-based energy storage research facility to the grid, in a move that has created one of the largest and fastest energy storage facilities in the UK.

  18. Energy and Climate Change Committee - Energy revolution: what could change the energy sector?

    23 Mar 2016

    As a first step in this inquiry, the Energy and Climate Change Committee is seeking answers to a single question: "Which innovations have the greatest potential to revolutionise energy markets, and why?" and is seeking written and video submissions.

  19. Ministers consent gas fired heat and power plant

    23 Mar 2016

    Scottish Ministers have granted consent for the construction and operation of a gas fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant at BP Kinneil Terminal in Grangemouth.

  20. First energy contracts signed by Gateshead Energy Company

    22 Mar 2016

    Gateshead College is one of the first customers to sign contracts to take heat and power from Gateshead Energy Company for the next 20 years.

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