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  1. ENGIE wins decentralised energy contracts for three Liverpool NHS Trusts

    15 Mar 2016

    ENGIE (formerly Cofely GDF SUEZ) has been awarded a £29 million Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) framework contract through the Liverpool Energy Collaboration CEF Scheme. Within the framework, which will see £12.4 million of third-party investment, ENGIE will construct, operate and maintain gas-fired CHP energy centres for three NHS Trusts, as well as carrying out site-wide upgrades to energy-consuming equipment.

  2. World Nuclear Exhibition 28th to 30th June 2016 at Paris Le Bourget

    15 Mar 2016

    Following on from its successful launch, the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) will be held for the second time from 28th to 30th June 2016 at Paris Le Bourget, hall 2B. Larger and more international, it will occupy 50% more space and is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors from all around the world.

  3. Buildings & MicroCHP Joint Forum 16 March 2016

    11 Mar 2016

    The next meeting will take place at the offices of the ADE at 10:00 – 13:00hrs, on Wednesday 16th March 2016. There is a substantial agenda to discuss and attendance is strongly recommended, members please confirm attendance or submit your apologies to

  4. Welsh government launches energy efficiency scheme

    11 Mar 2016

    A new scheme that will help public sector bodies in Wales make savings and reduce their carbon impact has been launched today by Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant.

  5. New Guide to Demand Side Response published

    10 Mar 2016

    The Major Energy Users' Council (MEUC) in association with National Grid have published a comprehensive Guide to Demand Side Response (DSR).

  6. Energy and Climate Change Committee launches an inquiry into 2020 renewable heat and transport targets

    10 Mar 2016

    The Energy and Climate Change Committee launches an inquiry exploring the main challenges with, and potential solutions to, meeting the UK’s 2020 renewable energy targets for heat and transport.

  7. Member Briefing | Consultation on the reform of the RHI

    10 Mar 2016

    DECC on 3 March 2016 published its consultation document titled The Renewable Heat Incentive: A reformed and refocused scheme. This consultation aims to reform the scheme to improve value for money, which DECC was required to do as part of the settlement agreement with HM Treasury that secured an additional £700m for the RHI over the course of this Parliament.

  8. CMA sets out energy market changes

    10 Mar 2016

    In a summary of its provisional decision on remedies published today, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has set out a comprehensive and wide-ranging package of remedies to address the problems hindering competition, which it proposes to introduce following the conclusion of its investigation in June.

  9. London Assembly - More people, more pollution – new environmental strategy needed

    9 Mar 2016

    The London Assembly Environment Committee launches its report, ‘Growing, growing, gone: Long-term sustainable growth for London’ today which identifies the key challenges to accommodate London’s growth and makes recommendations as to how those pressures can best be managed.

  10. National Grid EMR Delivery Body - Stakeholder & Customer Satisfaction Survey Research

    9 Mar 2016

    National Grid EMR Delivery Body has released a Stakeholder & Customer Satisfaction survey to identify what issues are important to the industry so that National Grid can focus their future surveys (to be rolled out later this year) and action plans on delivering the best customer service to match industry requirements.

  11. Member Briefing | Export limitation devices consultation

    9 Mar 2016

    The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has recently produced draft guidance on the connection of Customer Export Limiting Schemes (ELS) to the Distribution Systems of licensed Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

  12. Member Briefing | Embedded Benefit review

    9 Mar 2016

    The Association has prepared a Member Briefing that outlines the steps and measures which the Association is taking to protect the Embedded Benefit and requests support from interested Members on this issue.

  13. Ofgem Elective half-hourly settlement: publication of responses to December open letter

    7 Mar 2016

    In December 2015, Ofgem published an open letter setting out their plans for half-hourly settlement (HHS). They indicated that the initial focus would be on enabling elective HHS for domestic and smaller non-domestic customers. As part of this, Ofgem asked stakeholders to provide views on the barriers to cost-effective elective HHS.

  14. Demand Side Opportunity

    7 Mar 2016

    A key role of the Power Responsive campaign is to raise awareness around the opportunities for businesses to get involved in demand side response schemes that can provide a revenue opportunity.

  15. ADE Press Release | National Infrastructure Commission calls for key measures for securing energy user participation

    4 Mar 2016

    The Association for Decentralised Energy responded today to the National Infrastructure Commission’s new report Smart Power, which examined how the UK can best ensure it secures energy supplies.

  16. GB implementation of European grid codes

    3 Mar 2016
  17. New energy scheme 'will use North Sea to heat homes'

    3 Mar 2016

    Hundreds of homes could soon be heated by the freezing waters of the North Sea after an energy project was given a £1.6 million cash boost. The scheme is one of three in Scotland to use pumps to extract heat from water which will share £1.75 million Scottish Government funding.

  18. Government must restore investor confidence in UK energy sector

    3 Mar 2016

    There is increased nervousness among some investors looking at energy projects in the UK, the Energy and Climate Change Committee have warned in their report. Investor confidence has been dented by a series of sudden policy changes since the election, which may lead to a hiatus in project developments and threaten the UK’s ability to meet its energy security and climate change objectives.

  19. GIB and Equitix commit £10m to expansion of Wick district heating scheme

    2 Mar 2016

    UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB) and Equitix have today announced the £10m acquisition of Ignis Biomass Limited, the owner and operator of a 3.5 MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant and associated district heating scheme in the north of Scotland.

  20. Energy efficiency heating up for public sector

    2 Mar 2016

    12 suppliers have been appointed to a procurement framework to deliver energy efficiency retrofit works and services that will improve the energy performance of the public sector.