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  1. Britain loses top energy rating

    12 Nov 2015

    The UK has been downgraded from AAA to AAB in the World Energy Council’s ‘trilemma index’.

  2. Lord Bourne: smart meter deadline is not ‘insurmountable’

    11 Nov 2015

    Energy minister Lord Bourne has reinstated the government’s commitment to the 2020 deadline for the smart meter rollout in the energy market, but admits it will be a challenge for industry to meet.

  3. Centrica gas supplies to heat rural UK homes and businesses

    11 Nov 2015

    Energy and services company Centrica plc has today sent gas to off-grid homes and businesses across the country thanks to the UK’s first commercial terminal capable of filling road tankers with liquefied natural gas (LNG).

  4. 2G Energy AG receives major UK order for 5 MW CHP system

    9 Nov 2015

    2G has won an order for a 5 MW CHP plant in close cooperation with a German full-range service provider that is highly specialized in the planning and construction of biogas plants for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Two engines (2.2 MW and 2.8 MW) will generate 5 MW of installed electric output.

  5. Caithness General Hospital to connect to Wick District Heating Scheme

    9 Nov 2015

    NHS Highland has agreed that the Caithness General Hospital will be heated by energy delivered by the wood fuelled district heating scheme in Wick. Supply of low cost renewable energy will begin immediately.

  6. Texas electricity company offering free energy overnight

    8 Nov 2015

    TXU’s free overnight plan, which is coupled with slightly higher daytime rates, is one of dozens that have been offered by more than 50 retail electricity companies in Texas over the last three years with a simple goal: for customers to turn down the dials when wholesale prices are highest and turn them back up when prices are lowest.

  7. Making heat “cool” by Professor Jim Skea CBE FEI

    6 Nov 2015

    In our latest blog, Heat conference speaker Professor Jim Skea CBE FEI, President of the Energy Institute considers how to rename the catch all term we use to describe heat and the need for simple, understandable rules and incentives created across Government departments to promote energy efficiency and renewable heat.

  8. Tender - London Borough of Merton - Decentralised energy feasibility study

    6 Nov 2015

    The London Borough of Merton has launched a tender for HNDU funded consultancy work for decentralised energy feasibility studies in association with regeneration projects within the borough

  9. Unexpected tax plans will 'decimate' UK's community energy projects

    6 Nov 2015

    Over 100 community energy groups wrote to the Chancellor this week to warn how tax relief changes are likely to deciminate the fledgling industry.

  10. National Grid spends £2.5m+ to prevent power shortage

    5 Nov 2015

    National Grid spent around £2.5m on Wednesday in a bid to prevent power shortages, calling on a range of measures including buying power at short notice and asking industrial users to turn down their usage.

  11. Mass public backing for subsidies to cut energy waste

    5 Nov 2015

    People in Britain would most like energy subsidies to be given to programmes that reduce energy waste, a survey shows.

  12. Draft consultation response | Business energy tax review

    3 Nov 2015

    The Government's business energy tax review consultation is part of the Government’s productivity strategy, which aims to streamline and harmonise energy taxes and carbon reporting policies. The Association has produced a draft response to the consultation.

  13. Global energy efficiency measures could save up to €410 billion by 2030

    2 Nov 2015

    If energy efficiency rules and eco-design product standards were harmonised across the globe, the savings in energy and greenhouse gas emissions would be enormous, a new study has found. Up to 7,600 TWh of electricity would be saved by 2030 – a 13% reduction on the business as usual scenario.

  14. CHP: An Opportunity for Struggling Utilities

    2 Nov 2015

    The rising cost of centralized power coupled with stagnant revenue growth caused by flat or declining demand for electricity means investor-owned utilities should give serious thought to providing distributed power to its larger customers such as hospitals, universities and industrial complexes. Read the article by Power Engineering

  15. ECO2 Technical Requirements Consultation

    2 Nov 2015

    Ofgem issued a consultation on Friday 30 October proposing remedial actions for inadequate wall insulation measures and provisions for technical monitoring re-inspections under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO2). Under the proposals when an installation fails independent monitoring, has subsequent works and requires re-inspection, the regulator proposes allowing suppliers to conduct a remote technical re-inspection.

  16. Electricity Market Reform Settlement Guidance

    2 Nov 2015

    The Electricity Market Reform Settlement body has published guidance documents to help support EMR Stakeholders in understanding both Contracts for Difference and Capacity Market metering requirements.

  17. Low Carbon England Conference & Carbon Club Networking Dinner in partnership with SmartKlub

    2 Nov 2015

    Low Carbon England 2015: Meeting the Emissions Reduction Targets is a unique conference that will address England's current place in meeting the EU emissions reduction targets. The main focus of the conference is to discuss and identify how public & private sector organisations working together in a joined up collaborative fashion can act as a catalyst to help both towns and cities to continue to lead the way in the transition to developing a Sustainable Low Carbon Economy.

  18. CHP Lands at Scarborough Hospital

    2 Nov 2015

    Scarborough Hospital has moved one step closer to achieving huge energy savings after the delivery of the new 776kWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine which will power the hospital’s new low carbon energy system. When finished, the system will deliver over £500,000 in energy savings each year as well as reducing CO₂ by over 2,100 tonnes per year.

  19. New Quickpay app from Switch2 makes heat prepayment even easier

    30 Oct 2015

    Community heating metering and billing specialist Switch2 has launched a new Quickpay app to make energy prepayment more customer friendly.

  20. Take part in a low carbon project – and earn a cash reward *FINAL REMINDER*

    30 Oct 2015

    Distribution network operator Electricity North West is looking for volunteers to take part in a revolutionary £5.5 million low carbon trial. The Respond project will deliver an intelligent approach to managing fault current and the company is looking for customers with generation or large motors to complete a one-off survey or to sign up for ‘fault current limiting services’.