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  1. Draft consultation response | Small-scale FIT review

    21 Oct 2015

    The Government's consultation on the Small-scale Feed-in tariff proposes a set of measures to control costs under the Feed-in Tariff, including revised tariffs based on updated technology cost data, a more stringent degression mechanism and deployment caps leading to the phased closure of the scheme in 2018-19. Our draft response is available on the members' area and members are invited to submit comments by 4pm on Friday 23rd October.

  2. New Report by Changeworks | Identifying the fair share: billing for district heating

    21 Oct 2015

    A new report from Changeworks explores the variety of experiences that social landlords and residents have had using district heating. Findings also highlight the importance of carefully considering how residents are billed for heating and engaging residents at an early stage of a district heating scheme.

  3. Agreements in place for construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station

    21 Oct 2015

    EDF and China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) are today signing a Strategic Investment Agreement for the construction and operation of the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset. The signings are due to take place in the presence of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, in London.

  4. Lords refuse early RO closure amendment for onshore wind

    21 Oct 2015

    The Lords voted to remove the amendment in the Energy Bill that would enable the government’s plans to close the Renewables Obligation (RO) to new onshore wind from next year.

  5. The electricity innovation so controversial that it’s now before the Supreme Court

    20 Oct 2015

    In 2011, FERC set up rules to ensure that grid operators compensate demand response in the same way that they would compensate new electricity generation in energy markets. However the Electric Power Supply Association has brought forward a lawsuit on behalf of traditional generators arguing that the “FERC is not free to dictate the levels of retail price or demand,”. The Association argues that public utility commissions should instead govern the process.

  6. Consultation on Reforms to the Capacity Market

    19 Oct 2015

    This consultation seeks views on proposed changes to the Electricity Capacity Regulations 2014, the Electricity Capacity (Supplier Payment etc) Regulations 2014 and the Capacity Market Rules 2014. In addition, this consultation poses questions on wider issues of interest on the Capacity Market. The Government is also publishing illustrative drafting (unless indicated otherwise) for each of the proposals alongside the consultation to help explain the proposed changes, and would welcome comments on this as well.

  7. Heat 15 Blog | The technology is impressive - so why are renewable heat customers getting cold feet?

    16 Oct 2015

    We asked Lesley Rudd, Policy and Public Affairs Manager of the Sustainable Energy Association, for her views on the policy landscape for renewable heat. The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) is a member based industry body offering innovative policy solutions that link up building-level technologies and the wider energy system to achieve a low carbon, secure energy future for the UK, benefits for UK consumers, and commercial growth for businesses working in the sector.

  8. National Grid: winter outlook – electricity margins are manageable, supplies can meet gas demand

    15 Oct 2015

    National Grid’s 2015/16 Winter Outlook Report was published today. The report includes their latest detailed analysis on the supply and demand position of both gas and electricity for the coming winter. For electricity margins will continue to be tight but manageable throughout the winter period. For gas, they expect that the UK will be well supplied this winter

  9. New planning advice for Scotland available

    15 Oct 2015

    The Scottish Government have released a new document to outlining key planning information. Spatial planning has a key role in supporting the development of combined heat and power and district heating and cooling systems.

  10. USA expansion in green CHP technology for ENER-G

    15 Oct 2015

    ENER-G Rudox, the US subsidiary of UK-based combined heat and power (CHP) specialist ENER-G Cogen International (ECI), has invested $8 million in a new headquarters and facility in New Jersey

  11. Kingfisher Leisure Centre Now Saving with EuroSite Power

    15 Oct 2015

    EuroSite Power is now operating a 125 kW combined heat and power (CHP) system at Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Sudbury, UK.

  12. New Report from DECC | Future potential for Demand Side Response in Great Britain

    15 Oct 2015

    The Department for Energy and Climate Change commissioned Frontier Economics and Sustainability First to undertake research into the potential of demand side response in the electricity market up to 2035. The report quantifies the volume of DSR by technology type and sector that could be available in near time and longer term and the volume that could be realistically achieved to help with security of supply.

  13. Lisa Nandy confirmed as Labour's Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary

    14 Oct 2015

    Lisa Nandy has been appointed as the new Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, as Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon announced his full shadow cabinet. Business Green reports.

  14. New Report from Carbon Connect | Future Heat Series Part 2 - Policy for Heat

    14 Oct 2015

    Policy for Heat: Transforming the System, urges Government to implement an ambitious, long-term decarbonisation strategy for the heat sector, before it’s too late in new inquiry report. The report builds on the work of Part 1 in the Future Heat Series which compared recent decarbonisation pathways and analyses to indentify and highlight key policy mechanisms and transistions that are needed in order to decarbonise heat for buildings by 2050.

  15. New Tender | Provision of Heat Mapping and Energy Master Planning

    14 Oct 2015

    Slough Borough Council is seeking a single organisation to undertake an energy mapping and master planning study of the proposed area to identify potentially useful heating, cooling and power demand loads and potentially useful heat supply opportunities for the purposes of district heating development.

  16. Guardian letter to the editor | Redcar shows need for efficient UK energy

    13 Oct 2015

    In light of this week's announcement that Redcar steelworks will close, coalition members for the 'Less Waste, More Growth' report wrote this week to the Guardian editor to highlight the important role that energy productivity can play in strengthening the economy and protecting jobs.

  17. ‘Blackout Britain’ warnings do not reflect reality says ECIU

    13 Oct 2015

    Headlines warning that the ‘lights will go out’ over the last 10 years have not reflected reality, a report commissioned by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) finds.

  18. New report highlights the key decisions needed for a decarbonised energy system

    12 Oct 2015

    A team from the Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT) has published a review that makes recommendations for the policy choices, and investor actions, needed for the UK to have a low-carbon energy sector by 2030. The research concludes that there are a set of key decisions that need to be made, soon, to ensure we see the necessary investment in innovation, production and standardisation.

  19. EU heating strategy draft favors renewables and district heating

    12 Oct 2015

    The European Commission is working on a strategy to reduce energy wasted in heating homes and offices, prompting concern among utilities which fear it will reduce their power sales. Early next year, the Commission plans to formulate recommendations on heating and cooling with a view to update EU energy legislation and possibly draft new directives. In five "issue papers", seen by Reuters, the Commission presents options for a heating and cooling policy more focused on renewable energy and district heating systems that bring hot water into homes via underground pipelines.

  20. Consultation Response | National Grid Balancing Services Consultation

    12 Oct 2015

    National Grid have proposed that this consultation that the SBR and DSBR balancing services can continue to be used by the system operator to assist with balancing the transmission system in winters 2016/17 and 2017/18. The ADE's response supports the services' continuation in principle but highlights a number of options including better access for demand response services, to ensure lowest cost to the consumer.