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  1. Government announces the Infrastructure Act becomes law

    12 Feb 2015

    The Government today announced that the Infrastructure Act became law, "enshrining new measures to make it easier, quicker and simpler to get Britain building."

  2. DECC consults on capacity market changes

    12 Feb 2015

    DECC has announced today the opening of a consultation that is seeking views on a limited range of supplementary design proposals for the Capacity Market.

  3. Liberal Democrats unveil five priorities for the next five years

    12 Feb 2015

    These five priorities set out the Liberal Democrat agenda for government of "building a stronger economy and a fairer society, creating opportunity for everyone".

  4. Government DEC proposal “beggars belief”

    11 Feb 2015

    The UK Green Building Council today attacked the Government's announced proposals which could see Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for 54,000 public buildings in England and Wales abolished.

  5. EuroSite Power Wins Basingstoke Sports Centre Contract

    10 Feb 2015

    EuroSite Power Inc., (OTCQB: EUSP) an On-Site Utility™ solutions provider, offering clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling solutions to hospitality, healthcare, housing and leisure centres in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe, has signed an agreement worth approximately £1.39 (US$2.13) million with Basingstoke Sports Centre, UK.

  6. DECC launches call for evidence on CHP non-financial barriers

    10 Feb 2015

    DECC opened on Monday 9 February a call for evidence on the non-financial barriers to more widespread deployment of gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP).

  7. DECC CHP Outreach March Events | Reducing energy costs with Combined Heat & Power

    6 Feb 2015

    Discussing 'what are the advantages of CHP? these free workshops, which are to be held in March in London, Birmingham, Bath and Manchester are specifically designed for Local Authority planning officers, environment, energy and sustainability managers from County, District, Borough and City Councils, Directors of Environment, Housing and Planning (for public buildings).

  8. District Heating on a Roll

    6 Feb 2015

    A leading British district heating pipe system manufacturer, CPV Ltd, has installed a brand new pipe coiling machine at its Hampshire manufacturing base to help meet the increasing demand for the Hiline Flex pre-insulated PEX pipe system.

  9. Report: Developing the smarter grid: the role of domestic and small and medium enterprise customers

    6 Feb 2015

    This report covers the aspects of the CLNR project that tested the level of flexibility customers can offer in how they generate and use electricity and includes enhanced profiling of domestic customers with Micro-CHP.

  10. Event: Benefits of Decentralised Production of Heat and Power 25th Feb

    6 Feb 2015

    COGEN Europe invites you to join them on 25 February 2015 to discuss the benefits of decentralised production of heat and power for householders and small energy users in the spotlight

  11. Funding and new laws for housing sector

    6 Feb 2015

    The Scottish government announced a £20m investment into improving the energy efficiency of Scotland’s housing stock; in addition DECC confirmed this week that it would introduce new laws aimed at improving energy efficiency in the private rented sector.

  12. Utility Week Interview: Tim Rotheray, director, Association for Decentralised Energy

    6 Feb 2015

    As revolutions go, the rise and rise of decentralised energy has until now been rather a quiet one. Without the drama and fanfare of a multi-gigawatt new-build project, it’s easy to miss. But slowly and steadily, decentralised solutions are changing the face of the UK’s energy system. And increasingly, the wider sector is beginning to take note. The man at the centre of the sector’s gradual paradigm shift "clear-eyed pragmatist and contagious enthusiast" Tim Rotheray, director of the Association for Decentralised Energy talks to Utility Week about how how the decentralised model of energy use is turning long-held assumptions on their head, and why challenges remain for this potentially game-­changing sector.

  13. Event | Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition 26/27th Feb

    6 Feb 2015

    The conference will comprehensively explore the heating and cooling sector, including its role in achieving the EU's climate and energy objectives. It will initiate debate and build consensus on how to ensure full participation of the heating and cooling sector – which accounts for half of the EU's energy consumption - in the energy transition.

  14. Business Green : First government auction pays companies to power down

    5 Feb 2015

    The government has today announced the results of the first auction to offer payments to companies that curb energy demand, revealing that 22 projects are to share £1.28m.

  15. Energy sector leads field in cutting carbon footprint

    5 Feb 2015

    E&T reports the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped in 2013 by 2.4 per cent, according to official figures, with the country’s energy sector contributing the most to the reduction.

  16. Con Edison offers summer demand response program to commercial customers

    4 Feb 2015

    The utility is inviting commercial customers that promise to reduce their electrical usage when temperatures soar and demand for electricity is high. or every megawatt of reduction that a customer or aggregator of buildings provides, Con Edison will pay up to $500,000 over three years.

  17. Commission launches work on Energy Union

    4 Feb 2015

    The Commission today launched work on the Energy Union; a fundamental step towards the completion of single energy market and reforming how Europe produces, transports and consumes energy.

  18. Heat Networks Notifications Template and Guidance

    4 Feb 2015

    The National Measurement Office published the Heat Networks Scope Guidance today, which provides clarification on the criteria used to judge whether a network is in or out of scope of the Heat Network Metering & Billing Regulations 2014.

  19. Electricity Demand Reduction Scheme shows potential

    4 Feb 2015

    Today the Department of Energy and Climate Change awarded organisations £1.28m to help reduce peak electricity demand as part of the UK's first ever pilot auction.

  20. Tender | Analysis of current and future provision of Demand Side Response in Great Britain

    2 Feb 2015

    The work will provide detailed estimates of current and future Demand Side Response potential in Great Britain to inform auction parameters in relation to the Transitional Arrangements and the main Capacity Market. Phase I will require the development of a DSR supply curve and sensitivity analysis and Phase II will develop a model to enhance DECC’s existing modelling of electricity supply and demand.