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  1. CHPA becomes the Association for Decentralised Energy to reflect growing role for user-led, local energy

    12 Jan 2015

    The Combined Heat and Power Association today announced it will be renamed the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), cementing its role as the key advocate for the UK’s decentralised energy transition across the industrial, public, commercial and domestic sectors.

  2. DECC: Heat networks are third major energy network; £800m in new investment

    9 Jan 2015

    A new infrastructure investment report shows that heat networks are now recognised by Government as the UK’s third major energy network, with new investments of up to £800m in the next few years.

  3. New DECC Report | Delivering UK Energy Investment: Networks

    9 Jan 2015

    Delivering UK Energy Investment: Networks 2015 provides an in-depth focus into the investment undertaken in networks, the challenges and opportunities on offer and a vision for what future integrated networks might look like.

  4. Study identifies which fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground to avoid dangerous climate change

    8 Jan 2015

    A third of oil reserves, half of gas reserves and over 80 per cent of current coal reserves globally should remain in the ground and not be used before 2050 if global warming is to stay below the 2°C target agreed by policy makers, according to new research by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).

  5. Invitation to Tender | Demand Side Provider STOR Runway

    7 Jan 2015

    STOR Runway is an opportunity for Demand Side Providers to secure a contract for an envelope of volume which will then be grown in their portfolio within an agreed timeframe to be delivered as new STOR volume.

  6. Policy Exchange | Improving fuel poverty and energy efficiency policy in the UK

    7 Jan 2015

    IN BRIEF: Warmer Homes presents a character profile of the 2.3 million households in England living in fuel poverty. Contrary to the perception that fuel poverty mainly affects the elderly and retired, it finds that some 1.1 million people in fuel poverty – 49% of the total – are in work, and 45% are families with children. The paper calls for existing fuel poverty funding – just 33% of which currently benefits the fuel poor – to be used more efficiently and directed to those living in fuel poverty.

  7. Mayor & TfL launch 21st century low carbon future for historic Greenwich Power Station

    7 Jan 2015

    The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and Transport for London today launched plans to revamp London’s historic Greenwich Power Station for the 21st century, and transform it to generate low carbon power for London’s Tube network and heat for local homes and buildings.

  8. ENER-G CHP plays role in creating smarter electricity grid to meet future demand

    6 Jan 2015

    ENER-G combined heat and power (CHP) technology is at the centre of a pioneering trial to create a smarter electricity grid - to deliver reliable low carbon power supply at the lowest possible cost.

  9. Business Green | Energy efficiency measures give Britain £37bn boost every year

    1 Jan 2015

    EXCLUSIVE: New figures emerge as Combined Heat and Power Association rebrands as Association for Decentralised Energy to reflect changing demands of industry

  10. Record renewable generation disproves Cameron's attack on onshore wind

    23 Dec 2014

    Figures from the latest Energy Trends report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that 18% of electricity was produced from renewable sources in the third quarter of 2014 - a 4% increase on last year.

  11. Research reveals the hidden £393 million energy cost of Christmas

    23 Dec 2014

    Nearly half of the country will receive a new techgadget for Christmas this year but new research has found consumers could be spending up to £31 a year on energy just to run one of the shiny new devices.

  12. Demand response takes off in California

    21 Dec 2014

    After retiring San Onofre nuclear reactors, Southern California Edison invited proposals for electricity storage. The utility selected 264 megawatts of storage and a number of demand response options.

  13. DECC - Research and analysis: Bespoke natural gas CHP analysis

    19 Dec 2014

    DECC analysis suggests that CHP does not need a bespoke support package and will instead encourage participation of CHP in the Capacity Market.

  14. ENER-G wins national award for manufacturing excellence

    19 Dec 2014

    Combined heat and power (CHP) specialist ENER-G has won a prestigious national award for excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

  15. DECC - First Capacity Market auction guarantees security of supply at low cost

    19 Dec 2014

    The first ever Capacity Market auction concluded yesterday and provisional results have been released today.

  16. Briefing Note | Capacity Market Auction results

    19 Dec 2014

    On 18 December, the first Capacity Market auction was completed, with provisional results published on 19 December. he CHPA has prepared a short briefing note detailing the results.

  17. Capacity Market to drive a more wasteful energy system whilst government shuns efficiency

    19 Dec 2014

    Analysis of the UK’s new electricity security scheme will pay for some of the UK’s most wasteful plant to be built. Today's announcement of the new Capacity Market auction revealed that it will bring forward hundreds of small power plants which will waste at least half the energy they burn.

  18. Merry Christmas from the CHPA!

    18 Dec 2014

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  19. Government optimistic on energy efficiency progress

    18 Dec 2014

    The past year has seen “significant progress” in delivering energy efficiency measures in homes across the UK, according to a report by DECC. The first annual report on the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation, published on Wednesday 17 December, said that the department was “well on track” towards meeting its target of installing measures in one million homes by March 2015, having improved 819,000 homes by the end of September.

  20. CfD allocation process update

    18 Dec 2014

    Please be advised that the CfD allocation process has been delayed and applicants will likely not know the results until 18 March.