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  1. MPs highlight importance of RHI investment certainty

    16 May 2014

    The RHI needs more investment certainty if it is to bring forward large-scale renewable heat, a parliamentary committee heard Monday.

  2. New Member Briefing | Renewable CHP support

    4 May 2014

    This briefing follows new parliamentary regulations passed on 28 May, which implemented a number of new tariff rates for the non-domestic RHI, including a CHP tariff rate of 4.1p/kWh

  3. The CHPA welcomes new Policy Officer

    2 May 2014

    The CHPA is pleased to welcome Aimee Betts-Charalambous to its team in the role of Policy Officer. Aimee’s main remit will be within district heating and cooling.

  4. CHPA to speak at BIS Combined Heat and Power & District Heating Workshop

    25 Apr 2014

    The CHPA will be speaking at BIS's CHP and district heating workshop next month. The event is designed with local authorities and local enterprise partnerships in mind and will explore a number of topics surrounding funding.

  5. Consultation Response | Changes to the Energy Company Obligation

    25 Apr 2014

    The potential for district heating schemes to be brought forward through funding from ECO is significant. However, many industry participants identify that the way in which carbon savings are calculated could present a barrier. This consultation response identifies plant lifetime, insulation and project completion as key areas of focus for improving the opportunity for district heating from ECO.

  6. Consultation Response | Cost Benefit Analysis for combustion installations under Article 14 of the Energy Efficiency Directive

    25 Apr 2014

    This response focuses on the Cost Benefit Analysis section of Article 14 of the Energy Efficiency Directive.

  7. National Grid announces no change to Embedded Benefits

    21 Apr 2014

    Following an industry wide effort co-ordinated by the CHPA to highlight the potential impact of removing Embedded Benefits, National Grid have announced their decision not to pursue proposed changes.

  8. New Member Report! Small Scale CHP Database

    8 Apr 2014

    The following report is based on small scale CHP sales data submissions for the period April 2012 to December 2013, provided by CHPA member companies active within the UK CHP sector.

  9. Call for Evidence | Draft CfD Allocation Framework Consultation

    8 Apr 2014

    DECC have today published for consultation the draft Allocation Framework document outlining the process for awarding CfD contracts.

  10. New Briefing Note | Industrial Waste Heat Recovery

    4 Apr 2014

    This briefing provides a summary of DECC's most recent study 'The potential for recovering and using surplus heat from industry' which reviewed the technical and economic potential for the recovery of waste heat from heat intensive industries.

  11. DRAFT Consultation Response to Article 14(5)-(8) transposition of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive

    28 Mar 2014

    A draft copy of the CHPA's response to the consultation on the transposition of Article 14(5)-(8) in the EU Energy Efficiency Directive is now available in the members' area for comment.

  12. NEW Member Briefing | CHP Carbon Price Floor exemption in Budget 2014

    25 Mar 2014

    This briefing reviews the Budget 2014 announcements and their impact on CHP, and includes results of conversations with BIS, HM Treasury and DECC officials since the Budget’s release.

  13. New Briefing Note | Scottish Draft Heat Generation Strategy Consultation

    21 Mar 2014

    This briefing note provides an overview of Scotland's draft heat generation policy statement, including ambition, key commitments, regulation and support.

  14. Chancellor 'tilts playing field' in favour of efficient industrial energy

    19 Mar 2014

    Industry today welcomed the Chancellor’s decision to reduce energy costs for energy efficient industrial sites in Budget 2014.

  15. New Briefing Note | Renewables Obligation Grace Period for CHP

    13 Mar 2014

    Following their consultation earlier this year, the Government has announced that dedicated biomass CHP projects will be eligible for an 18 month grace period.

  16. Green business leaders tell Pickles: “Don’t stop local government delivering lower-carbon homes!”

    12 Mar 2014

    Over 50 organisations including the CHPA have signed an open letter to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles urging him not to scrap the Merton Rule, which is the only policy driver for renewables in new buildings until full Zero Carbon standards are introduced to Building Regulations in 2016. Signatories to the open letter range from NGOs and small installers to industry associations and major multinationals.

  17. CHPA Blog | The Carbon Price Floor and the UK's industrial energy strategy

    12 Mar 2014

    In response to a blog posting from James Murray at Business Green, Tim Rotheray, CHPA Director argues that disagreements over the carbon floor price are a red herring, the government's focus should be on boosting competitiveness and efficiency

    Read more
  18. CHPA Budget 2014 Submission

    7 Mar 2014

    The CHPA submission to Budget 2014 is now available for members to view. It highlights the importance that any industrial competitiveness package include CHP relief from Carbon Price Support on fuel used for electricity generation.

  19. District heating to tackle Scottish fuel poverty

    6 Mar 2014

    Ambitious new targets announced today will see Scotland deliver five times more heat through district heating to help Scottish householders and businesses lower their energy bills.

  20. Local planners and housing standards are drivers to expanding heat networks

    3 Mar 2014

    How best can low-carbon heat networks grow? That question was under discussion at a meeting of the Parliamentary Renewables and Sustainability Group in conjunction with the CHPA. Janet Wood from New Power reports.