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  1. Joint Letter to the Editor - Budget 2014, energy costs, and industrial competitiveness

    3 Mar 2014

    In a Letter to the Editor, the CHPA, UKPIA, CPI and FDF outline the need to support investments in industrial energy efficiency measures to ensure the UK’s long-term competitiveness.

  2. COSPP | City heating schemes: Leading the UK CHP awards

    28 Feb 2014

    The annual CHPA Awards usually offer some clues to the status of the combined heat and power market in Britain. This year saw a new emphasis on CHP-based district heating schemes serving mainly public sector homes, as Steve Hodgson reports.

  3. Consultation Response | National Grid Review of Embedded Benefits

    28 Feb 2014

    The CHPA has published its joint response to the National Grid policy paper and consultation on the Embedded Benefits regime.

  4. Consultation Response | Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive on Metering and Billing

    24 Feb 2014

    The CHPA published its response to DECC's Consultation on the Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive on metering and billing.

  5. Energy Efficiency Directive alone is not enough says CHPA

    20 Feb 2014

    Speaking to COSPP, the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) says the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) on its own will not be enough to increase the amount of CHP in the country, and will only work if a wider suite of policies are enacted.

  6. Consultation Response (DRAFT) | Implementation of Energy Efficiency Directive: metering and billing requirements

    17 Feb 2014

    The CHPA has prepared a draft response to DECC's Consultation on the Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive on metering and billing, and would welcome members' comments by close of business on Thursday 20 February 2014.

  7. Consultation Response | CfD Competitive Allocation

    14 Feb 2014

    The CHPA has published its response to this consultation on the Government’s approach to allocation of Contracts for Difference (CfD).

  8. Event | Heat Networks: how to make low carbon affordable heat a reality on Wednesday 26th February

    10 Feb 2014

    Together with the CHPA, PRASEG (All-Party Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group) will be holding a seminar in the House of Commons to discuss how heat networks can be best developed to deliver local supplies of secure, affordable and low carbon heat and what role local authorities and communities can play in this.

  9. DECC £2m funding jump starts community heat investments

    30 Jan 2014

    The CHPA today congratulated the 26 local authorities awarded funding to support the development of their heat network projects.

  10. Heat plays key role in Community Energy Strategy

    27 Jan 2014

    The CHPA today welcomed the Community Energy Strategy's vision for local heat networks to help deliver local, low carbon affordable heating for communities.

  11. Resources Needed : Case studies, photos, videos. Can your company help?

    23 Jan 2014

    Can you help? The communications team is looking for new case studies, diagrams, videos and photos that can be used on the CHPA website to help us explain CHP, district heating and energy services to the general public.

  12. New Briefing Note | Energy Efficiency Directive Consultation: metering and billing requirements

    21 Jan 2014

    The CHPA has produced a member briefing on the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive for metering of buildings with multiple uses and/or tenancies on heating or cooling networks. Under the Directive individual meters are also required where a new connection is made in a new building and where a building undergoes major renovation. All other networks will be subject to a test of technical feasibility and cost effectiveness to determine whether individual meters or heat cost allocators are required. Compliance for these measures is required by 31st December 2016.

  13. The Alliance for Energy Management to seek greater recognition for energy efficiency opportunities

    17 Jan 2014

    Like minded energy management companies came together this week to explore how to optimise the efficiency and economic competitiveness of British business through professional energy management.

  14. Briefing Note | DNO-DG Technical Forum Update

    17 Jan 2014

    As some members may be aware, OFGEM have been holding a number of distributed generation (DG) forums around the country both this year and last. As a result of the output of these forums the Energy Networks Association has set up a Distribution Network Operators and Distributed Generation Technical Forum. This briefing note provides an update from this forum.

  15. Accelerating energy efficiency event | 15 January 2015

    15 Jan 2014

    Energy efficiency is increasingly recognised as a vital part of the energy future, in order that we meet UK Government's ambitious targets we must seize the opportunity to scale up the work. This conference run by the Energy Institute examines the opportunities available, as well as the barriers that need to be addressed, to accelerate energy efficiency.

  16. Member briefing and draft response | Review of Embedded Generation Benefit

    15 Jan 2014

    of the responses. Draft Consultation Response | Review of Embedded Generation Benefit 15 Jan 2014 The CHPA has produced a briefing note and draft consultation response to National Grid's recent informal paper on potential reforms to the Embedded Benefits regime.

  17. Updated | Consultations register

    13 Jan 2014

    Find out which consultations the CHPA will be responding to.

  18. Applications closing soon for CHPA vacancies - 12th January

    10 Jan 2014

    The CHPA is recruiting for a Policy Manager and a Policy Officer to support an ambitious programme of policy development and stakeholder engagement.

  19. Member Briefing | National Grid Demand Side Balancing Reserve

    10 Jan 2014

    The CHPA has produced a member providing a brief précis of the recent National Grid policy proposals for a Demand Side Balancing Reserve.

  20. Draft Consultation Response | Call for Evidence: Review of Balance of Competences - Energy

    9 Jan 2014

    The CHPA has produced a draft consultation response to the Balance of Competence Energy Review Call for Evidence, which is now avaialble for member review.