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  1. Questionnaire: EMR impacts on community energy projects

    7 Sep 2012

    CHPA members may be interested to contribute to this analysis being carried out by Cornwall Energy on behalf of Co-operatives UK.

  2. CHPA District Heating & Cooling Group

    6 Sep 2012

    The next meeting will be held on Thursday 20 September.

  3. Generation efficiency in the reform of the electricity market?

    22 Aug 2012

    Tim Rotheray discusses the treatment of CHP within Electricity Market Reform.

  4. CHPA Industrial Forum agenda

    21 Aug 2012

    The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 19 September.

  5. CHPA welcomes new Policy Manager

    14 Aug 2012

    Jonathan Graham will be helping to strengthen the CHPA’s representation in Parliament and across Whitehall.

  6. New Member - Glasgow Caledonian University

    13 Aug 2012

    Glasgow Caledonian University joins the CHPA.

  7. New Member - Total UK Ltd

    13 Aug 2012

    Total Lubricants has joined the CHPA.

  8. Energy management: Leading bodies come together

    12 Aug 2012

    CHPA article in EiBI magazine on the Energy Management Alliance.

  9. New CHP installations up 300% in 2011

    6 Aug 2012

    Official figures indicate a dramatic rise in the deployment of small-scale CHP units.

  10. New CHPA Member - Clarke Energy Limited

    27 Jul 2012

    Clarke Energy join the CHPA

  11. Energy and Climate Change Committee backs CHPA call for a premium FiT for gas and renewable CHP

    23 Jul 2012

    The Committee’s report cited CHPA evidence and put forward the CHPA’s suggestion that consideration be given to extending the capacity supported under the small scale feed-in tariff to facilitate CHP and decentralised generation.

  12. Government visit to Pimlico district heating

    13 Jul 2012

    CHPA takes DECC and UK Green Investments on a tour of UK's oldest heat network.

  13. US version of CHPA district heating guide published

    12 Jul 2012

    'Community Energy: Planning, Development & Delivery' reworked for a US audience.

  14. Energy Management Alliance work programme agreed

    11 Jul 2012

    The Association is continuing to collaborate with companies and representative bodies in this initiative to improve the profile and viability of 3rd party energy management.

  15. Engagement with DECC Energy Efficiency Deployment Office (EEDO)

    11 Jul 2012

    CHP, district heating & cooling and energy services stressed as crucial elements of upcoming Energy Efficiency Strategy.

  16. Minister highlights central role of CHP and district heating in government heat strategy

    6 Jul 2012

    CHPA President's Reception addressed by Energy Minister Greg Barker.

  17. CHPA secures Parliamentary debate on CHP LECs

    29 Jun 2012

    Treasury commits DECC to examining support for CHP.

  18. CHPA resonse to Gas Generation Strategy

    29 Jun 2012

    Response highlights the value of CHP in reducing emissions and improving security of supply through efficient operation.

  19. New Member - SSE

    28 Jun 2012

    SSE (formerly Scottish & Southern Energy) joins the CHPA.

  20. Heat in the EU Energy Roadmap 2050

    22 Jun 2012

    The CHPA chaired a cross-industry seminar in the European Commission, aimed at raising the significance and understanding of heat in the EU's Energy Roadmap 2050.