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News April 2013

  1. CHPA Consultation Response | Evidence for local energy inquiry

    26 Apr 2013

    Local energy encompasses both the production and use of energy, typically at the smaller scale and in direct response to energy consumers’ needs. Local, or decentralised, energy is produced at or near the point of final use, rather than at large, centralised plant. It is vital to recognise the importance of both heat and electricity when discussing local energy.

  2. Cogeneration sector reminds policy makers that energy efficient measures are no regret options at COGEN Europe conference

    25 Apr 2013

    While a note of optimism was sent from the speakers side at COGEN Europe’s Annual Conference in Brussels, congress participants highlight to European decision-makers that swift action is needed now to ensure that the existing CHP fleet is maintained.

  3. EVENT: PRASEG & CHPA Seminar - Injecting New Energy into the Market: What role for industrial and commercial energy in EMR?

    11 Apr 2013

    The Associate Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG) and the CHPA are holding a panel discussion in parliament to analyse the decentralised energy opportunity in the energy market.

  4. 4 week Internship with energy trade association CHPA

    8 Apr 2013

    18 months ago CHPA carried out the first survey of district heating schemes in the UK, which we used to provide important information to Government, and to produce the map of schemes on our website. Now is the time to update the survey, and you would be assisting. It’s a great way to learn about a growing industry and will give you insight and contacts.

  5. LEC scheme ends for CHP generators

    5 Apr 2013

    March 2013 was the last month of generation eligible for CHP LECs, effectively ending the scheme for CHP generators. LECs provided an exemption to CHP operators from the Climate Change Levy on all of their exported electricity. The Government announced in 2011 that LECs for CHP would end in April 2013, 10 years earlier than expected.

  6. World Waste to Energy City Summit

    4 Apr 2013

    The World Waste to Energy City Summit explores the opportunities and challenges in integrating waste-to-energy into today’s cities, focusing on advanced conversion technologies for municipal and industrial waste.