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Open Energi


For more information visit email or call Sebastian Blake on 0203 051 0600.  

About Open Energi
Balancing electricity supply and demand is vital to the operation and security of the UK electricity system. Every year National Grid spends around £1 billion on maintaining grid frequency at the optimum "50 Hertz" to keep the nation's power supplies flowing.

Historically power stations have been the recipients of this cash, but the drive for clean energy sources and the advent of innovative new technologies are helping companies to take control of their energy demand and participate in this lucrative market.

Our unique Dynamic Demand technology aggregates energy consumption from across our customers' sites to provide a fast, flexible solution which is equivalent to a power station, only instead of adjusting supply up or down to meet demand, it adjusts demand up or down to meet supply.

Solutions such as this, coupled with on-site generation and energy storage
technologies means that the energy market is no longer a linear value chain driven by fossil fuel production but is becoming bi-directional; creating a new energy economy where energy consumers can both take and provide service back to the grid and generate revenue.

Our vision is to build the world's first demand-side power station. We are helping organisations across the public and private sector to commercialise their energy loads, improve their energy management and support their sustainability goals. But just as importantly, intelligent energy demand management solutions like ours are vital to the development of a global energy future which is clean, affordable and secure.

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