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  3. Priorities for energy security in the UK

Priorities for energy security in the UK


Central London

Timed to follow the recent Capacity Market auction that included low-carbon battery storage for the first time, and held after the conclusion of a Government consultation into phasing out unabated coal generation by 2025, this seminar will provide a timely opportunity to assess initiatives and policy priorities for a secure energy supply.

Delegates will consider the future mix of electricity generation sources for the UK, including the roles of fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable energy in delivering reliable and affordable energy. It will also follow the formal launch of the Oil and Gas Authority as the independent oil and gas industry regulator with responsibility for maximising the economic recovery of resources from the North Sea, in addition to the decision made by the Communities Secretary to approve plans for horizontal shale extraction at a site in Lancashire and discussion will assess the impact this will have on future onshore oil and gas development.

Discussion will also focus on the next steps for regulation of a competitive market and opportunities to improve network flexibility in providing secure energy, such as the role of energy storage in balancing supply and reducing demand pressures, as well as new technologies available to the industry to improve management of the network.

For more information see here.