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Pöyry Energy Ltd

Pöyry Management Consulting
King Charles House
Park End Street
Oxford, OX1 1JD

Switchboard: +44 1865 722 660

Pöyry is a global consulting and engineering firm focusing on the energy, forest industry and infrastructure & environment sectors. Pöyry's annual net sales amount to around EUR 700 million and it employs 7000 experts in 50 countries. Pöyry's Energy business group is the international consulting and engineering expert within the Pöyry group serving the energy sector. Our extensive office network extends to more than 20 countries and employs about 1500 energy professionals. Our core areas of expertise are Management Consulting, Hydropower, Renewable Energy, and Power & Heat. Our services cover all phases of the value chain, from regulation and markets, strategic planning, project development and implementation to power plant operation and maintenance.

Pöyry Energy Limited
Headquartered in Horsham, West Sussex, Pöyry Energy Limited has been successfully serving UK markets and clients since 1974. In the field of combined heat and power, Pöyry Energy provide a full range of specialist services, from strategic advice and project development to detailed engineering and project implementation. Through its involvement in the design of more than 5000 MWe of installed CHP capacity, Pöyry Energy has experience in all types of applications, from small gas engines serving individual buildings to large industrial CCGT applications based on a wide range of fuel types from fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal) to wastes and biomass. The company is a leading expert in district heating networks and specialised CHP applications such as absorption chilling and has extensive know-how in renewable energy, particularly bio-energy.

Pöyry Management Consulting
Pöyry is Europe's leading management consultancy specialised in the energy sector, providing strategic, commercial, regulatory and policy advice to Europe's energy markets. The team of 200 energy specialists, located across 14 European offices offers unparalleled expertise in the rapidly changing energy sector.


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