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  4. Veolia to Team Up with Business Stream to Grow Retail Water Market

Veolia to Team Up with Business Stream to Grow Retail Water Market

2 Mar 2017

 To meet customer demand to improve water services and resource management with a view to the opening up of the water retail market in April 2017, Veolia, is to team up with Scottish Water Business Stream to create an exciting retail water market offering for businesses across the UK. 

The partnership will combine Veolia’s global innovation and engineering expertise across water, waste and energy with Business Stream’s retailing strength, experience and large market presence to provide business customers with a holistic approach to resource management, a reduced carbon footprint and cost savings. 

John Abraham, Veolia’s Chief Operating Officer – UK Municipal Water & Ireland, said, “Opening up the water retail market to competition offers industrial and commercial customers an opportunity to benefit from the innovation and resource efficiency Veolia and Business Stream create. This partnership with Business Stream will provide clear long term benefits to customers as together we can provide a complete retail water package which can reduce utility bills, supported by optimised on-site project engineering and operational solutions such as CHP and AD.

“Already we have seen increasing interest from existing Veolia customers in retail water services and this move will put us in position to deliver to this market.  We can offer an integrated sustainable proposition which guarantees security of water and energy supply and unlocks the value within process waste and waste water which will produce economies of scale and cost efficiencies whilst putting the circular economy into practice.”

Jo Dow, Chief Executive of Business Stream added: “We know that businesses in England are taking a fresh look at how they buy and manage their water and wastewater services as a result of the choices they will have available from April.