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Case Study Videos

King's Cross Mixed Use Development

The King's Cross mixed use development consists of 50 new buildings, 2,000 new homes, 20 new streets, 10 new public squares and 67 acres attracting 45,000 people who live, work and study in the area.

The focus for energy efficiency and sustainability at King’s Cross is the on-site Energy Centre. The centre houses a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. Once fully operational, the CHP plant will provide 100% of the development’s heat and hot water needs and 80% of its electricity.

A time delay of the thermal store being crane lifted in to the energy centre.

Bunhill Energy Centre, Islington

Bunhill Energy Centre is connected to a district wide heat network in Islington, London, which provides cheaper, greener heat to homes on several estates and buildings in the borough


Trigeneration at MediaCityUK

Vital Energi showcase their film depicting the design, construction and installation of the unique trigeneration system at MediaCityUK. 

Biomass trigeneration being installed at Waitrose, Isle of Wight

A video showcasing how MITIE is developing an innovative energy centre for Waitrose's store on the Isle of Wight. The energy centre will provide most of the store's electricity, heating and chilling requirements and will be powered by biomass technology using woodchips from local sustainably managed woodlands.


Biomass district heating on a Barnsley estate

How Barnsley council converted coal boilers in two blocks of flats into a biomass district heating system and how they manage it.


Biomass district heating for a small community in Sussex

How the residents of a small rural community in Sussex installed a woodchip-fired district-heating system -- and how the local foresters provided the fuel. 


Trigeneration project for the Natural History Museum and V&A

Trigeneration project for the Natural History Museum and V&A

Thermal Chicago

The world’s largest district cooling system.

More information:


UPM Caledonian Paper Mill


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