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ADE Awards 2017

ADE Awards 2017 shortlist announced: celebrating the best in decentralised energy!The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) today announced the shortlisted entries for the Association’s awards programme. Marking the Association’s 50th year – and the 10th year of the Awards – we are taking the opportunity to celebrate a decade of innovation and inspiration, of delivery and determination.

ADE Awards 2017 | ADE ade-annual-awards

This year’s black-tie awards gala will take place at the Science Museum, London on Thursday 19 October. Guests will enjoy a drinks reception, sponsored by Edina, before the awards presentation in the IMAX and dinner in the Museum’s iconic Flight Hall, both sponsored by Centrica Business Solutions

The Projects of the Decade awards celebrate the best projects, innovations and organisations of the past ten years. The Visionary Project Award looks forward to a project or approach that has the potential to transform the heat and decentralised energy sector.

Project of the Decade Winners!

  • Industrial Project of the Decade | Edina, R & R Ice Cream | Sponsored by Recardo AEA
  • Public Sector Project of the Decade | Engie, Birmingham District Energy Scheme
  • Homes & Communities Project of the Decade | London Borough of Islington, Bunhill Heat & Power Network | Sponsored by Pinnacle Power
  • Commercial Project of the Decade | Engie, Southampton District Energy Scheme 
  • Innovation Award of the Decade | Guru Systems & Fairheat, Guru Pinpoint | Sponsored by Vital Energi
  • Integrated Project of the Decade | CityWest Homes, Cyclo Control Towers | Sponsored by Clarke Energy
  • Customer Engagement Award of the Decade | Switch2, 35 years of Customer Service | Sponsored by Heat Trust

Visionary Award! 

  • Visionary Project Award | Gateshead Council, Gateshead District Energy Scheme | Sponsored by SAV Systems

The shortlisted entries for the ADE Awards 2017 are described below:

Industrial Project of the Decade

  • Arla Foods, Buckinghamshire (Edina) - the most environmentally friendly dairy in the world, created using Edina combined heat and power technology
  • GSK, various sites (ENER-G, a Centrica company) - providing around 25MW of CHP generation to UK and European pharmaceutical sites, cutting annual emissions by 30,000 tonnes and energy costs by 25%
  • R&R Ice Cream, Northallerton, Yorkshire (Edina) - installing CHP to ensure security of power, helping to expand production capacity at the UK’s largest ice cream factory!
  • ReFood, Doncaster (Clarke Energy) - home to a state-of-the art anaerobic digestion facility providing renewable power and heat to 5 industrial buildings
  • Sembcorp Biomass Power Station, Middlesbrough (Sembcorp) - the UK’s first large-scale CHP biomass power plant has transformed power production at one of the UK’s major manufacturing sites

Commercial Project of the Decade

  • Center Parcs (ENER-G, a Centrica Company) - ENER-G introduced CHP to Center Parcs in 2013. Since then, they have installed systems at a number of holiday villages, including Center Parcs' first district heating network at Woburn Forest.
  • Copys Green Farm, Norfolk (DEIF) - a small but perfectly formed anaerobic digestion, biogas fuelled CHP plant providing heat and power to a dairy farm and nearby cottages
  • Southampton District Energy Scheme (Engie) - one of the UK’s oldest and largest commercially developed district energy schemes, which has grown by 50% in the past ten years
  • Tesco, various sites (Veolia) - joining forces across over 100 sites to deliver the widest application of CHP technology to decarbonise the retail sector

Public Sector Project of the Decade

  • Birmingham District Energy Scheme (Engie) - one of the UK’s most effective and successful large-scale district heating schemes, creating a platform for future growth and innovation
  • Citigen, London (EON) - in the heart of London, combined cooling, heat and power plant serves homes and businesses, and offers ready-made energy infrastructure to new developments
  • Gospel Oak (London Borough of Camden) - using waste heat from a hospital to supply more than half of the heat to nearly 1500 homes, cutting fuel bills by over £1m per year
  • Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham and Solihull (ENER-G, a Centrica Company) - CHP-led integrated energy projects serving two hospitals, with no upfront capital cost and guaranteed annual cost savings
  • Natural History Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum, London (Vital Energi) - last year marked the 10th anniversary of this district heating scheme serving two of London’s iconic museum sites
  • Queens University Belfast (Edina) - CHP units serve this research-intensive University, cutting carbon emissions, reducing energy costs and providing a facility for teaching about energy
  • Royal Liverpool Hospital (Edina) - CHP has served the hospital since 2001, reducing energy costs by £6.2million, and now kickstarting innovation in the use of electric vehicles on site
  • South Glasgow Hospital (Queen Elizabeth) (Edina) - CHP at the heart of an ambitious healthcare and regeneration project in the centre of Glasgow
  • The University of Warwick - sustainable growth at the University, which has cut annual energy consumption by 12% whilst growing in student numbers by 55% over the last decade.

Homes and Communities Project of the Decade | Sponsored by Pinnacle Power

  • Bath Riverside (EON) - an exemplar sustainable district heating project combining low carbon and renewable energy plant and the conversion of a derelict Victorian pumping station into a state of the art energy centre
  • Bunhill Heat and Power Network (London Borough of Islington) – Islington Council’s ground-breaking, innovative scheme involved retrofitting two kilometres of CHP-powered district heating in an inner-city environment to serve over 860 dwellings, two leisure centres and four office blocks
  • Cranbrook and Skypark, Exeter (EON) - the first and largest low density district heating scheme in the UK, which will build out to 3,500 homes and 1.4 million sq. ft. of commercial and industrial units
  • Dalston Square, London (EON) – a vibrant development of 550 new homes, shops and a library, supplied from a district heating network through one of the country’s first residential ESCOs
  • Kings Cross, London (Metropolitan King's Cross & Vital Energi) – Europe’s largest regeneration project, supported by a scalable district energy network providing power, heating and cooling
  • Pimlico District Heating Undertaking, London (Engie) - the UK’s first district energy network, built over 65 years ago, has evolved to provide heat to over 3000 homes, 50 commercial premises and 3 schools.
  • West Bridge Mill, Kirkcaldy (SAV) - an award-winning social housing facility operated by Link Group Housing Association. The former rope mill has been converted into 16 separate flats, all of which are served by SAV LoadTracker mini-CHP and Danfoss Flatstation heat interface units.
  • Wyndford Estate, Glasgow (SSE) - a large-scale community energy network which has led to a dramatic increase in the standard of living for the people who live in 1,800 properties on the Wyndford Estate

Integrated Energy Project of the Decade | Sponsored by Clarke Energy

  • Aberdeen Heat & Power - a not for profit organisation set up through Aberdeen City Council now supplying affordable heat to more than 40 blocks of flats and 15 public buildings   
  • Citigen, London (Edina and EON) - a combined cooling, heat and power plant distributing heat and cooling throughout the City to residential developments and iconic public buildings including Guildhall and the Barbican
  • Cyclo Control Towers, London (City West Homes) – 800 flats in 8 electrically-heated tower blocks now have the UK’s first “virtual” household meters, giving more user control and lower costs, and enabling load shifting
  • East London Energy Scheme (Engie) - the highest investment district energy project installed in the UK over the past decade, initially serving the 2012 Olympics and now supplying a large range of commercial and domestic customers.
  • Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey, USA (ENER-G, a Centrica Company) - an ambitious integrated energy services project combining CCHP, solar PV and efficient lighting technologies - all controlled via a space age energy command centre

Innovation Award of the Decade | Sponsored by Vital Energi

  • 70/40 System Design (SAV) – showing a commitment to improving network design across the sector, SAV hosted a series 70/40 CPD seminars and produced a 70/40 System Design Guide
  • Aggregate Industries, various sites (Open Energi) – identifying and acting upon activities in roadbuilding that fit the dynamic frequency response management profile, in other words, activities where Aggregate Industries could safely automate the switching on or off of power in order to help balance the grid
  • Blackburn Meadows Renewable CHP Plant, Sheffield (EON) – a biomass CHP producing enough electricity to power 40,000 homes and providing heat through a local district heating network
  • Compact ‘Ultra-Low’ NOx CHP (ENER-G, a Centrica Company) - the smallest, lightest and quietest external fully packaged CHP product range available globally (the Universal) now combines with an 'ultra-low' NOx CHP range that achieves emissions levels five times lower than the most widely accepted limit
  • Coventry District Energy Scheme (Engie) – The first project of its kind in the UK. Engie buys heat from an Energy from Waste plant, ‘ships’ it via a network of pipes and sells it at a competitive rate to consumers in the city.
  • Dundee University (Clarke Energy) - setting the standard for the development of a university CHP scheme as the first university in Scotland to install gas engine CHP, and the home of the UK’s first triple engine configuration and first natural gas Jenbacher installation.
  • Revolution in pay-as-you-go smart metering for residents on community heating (Switch2) – were first to introduce PAYG to community heating in 1985, the first to introduce smart metering; and are pioneers in pay-as-you-go (PAYG) technology.
  • Kilbush Nurseries, Dublin, Ireland (Edina) - leading the way in efficient glasshouse heating, using hot water storage to meet peak heating requirements and thermal screening to conserve energy in the glasshouse heating process
  • Notre Dame Primary School, Glasgow (Remeha) – combining CHP and ground source heat pumps to deliver a carbon saving strategy with great potential for replication
  • Using performance data to radically improve heat network efficiency (Guru Systems / Fairheat) – Guru Pinpoint is a web-based platform used by the operators of 75 UK heat networks, enabling them monitor the energy efficiency of networks in real time, quickly identify costly inefficiencies and reduce carbon emissions.

Customer Engagement Award of the Decade | Sponsored by the Heat Trust

  • 35 years delivering excellent customer engagement on heat networks (Switch2) – Switch2 manage over 500 schemes for 180 clients and serve 70,000 heat network customers, integrating metering and billing into wider energy advice and support for residents
  • Barts Health (Clarke Energy) - in the first of its kind, an energy performance contract was structured, procured and delivered through a variation to Barts Health NHS Trust’s existing PFI contract. The team has successfully educated staff, patients and the wider industry to “save on energy and spend on treatment”.
  • Cranbrook and Skypark, Exeter (EON) - Cranbrook residents and commercial customers have access to EON staff that work and live in the local area. EON has provided training to developer sales and technical teams, tours of the Cranbrook & Skypark Energy Centre, and workshops and information for residents.

Visionary Project Award | Sponsored by SAV Systems

  • Bausch & Lomb, Waterford, Ireland (Edina) - Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health company, has installed CHP technology to provide power, steam and space and process heating at its new state of the art facility
  • Dynamic Demand 2.0 (Open Energi) – a technology platform connecting consumers to multiple markets and empowering them to become enablers of a sustainable energy future
  • Elephant Park, Elephant and Castle, London (EON / Lendlease) – this £2.3 billion regeneration programme will see grid-injected biomethane and thermal storage supporting a district energy network serving over 3000 homes
  • FlexTreo (REstore) – a game-changing solution bringing energy market opportunities to the desk of Energy Managers in real-time and automatically capturing these opportunities by actively managing equipment in manufacturing sites
  • Future Biogas / Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest (Clarke Energy) – a biogas network connecting two farms and Center Parcs demonstrating how decentralised renewable energy can power social and industrial businesses
  • Gateshead District Energy Scheme (Gateshead Council) – a new 3km heat and private wire network serving Gateshead town centre’s current and future energy needs by integrating heat/power generation and distribution with energy storage
  • Greenwich Peninsula ESCO, London (Pinnacle Power) - the largest new build residential district heating system in Europe, structured to encourage and enable both public and private sector investment
  • Guardbridge Biomass Energy Centre, Guardbridge, Fife (Vital Energi) – a biomass district energy network serving 41 buildings on the University of St Andrews campus, supporting their ambition to be the UK’s first carbon neutral university
  • Heat Analytic Network Dashboard (VRM Tech, with London Borough of Camden) – a versatile energy dashboard with district heating at its core, providing real time imaging and 3D modelling to reach beyond what existing BEMS models can provide
  • Islington Council’s District Heating Programme (London Borough of Islington) - a world-leading urban heat network using cutting-edge heat pump technology to use waste heat from London’s Underground system.


All those who are attending will be contacted two weeks prior to the event with details on the night. Please find attached a flyer on the Hotel Suggestions below. 

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