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Justin Jacober

Managing Director, CBS, UKI Services

Justin Jacober, Managing Director, CBS, UKI Services
Justin Jacober, Managing Director, CBS, UKI Services
  • Justin is a results-driven executive leader with demonstrated experience driving improved and sustainable profitability through global partnerships, employee engagement, and operational excellence.
  • He believes innovation, an entrepreneurial mindset, and transparent leadership are foundational to deliver transformative decarbonised business solutions. Justin strives to create teams that can adapt with agility and are ready to capitalize in ever-changing markets. When it comes to his personal values, Justin believes that demonstrating ”commitments made, are commitments kept” are core to being an accountable and trusted leader.
  • Justin has 10 years of additive manufacturing experience and 20 years originating, building, operating, and decommissioning all forms of regulated and deregulated power systems. In terms of scale, they range from small pilot programmes in partnership with governments, medium size project developments including solar, wind, substation, and network design, to major district energy, cogeneration, repowering, and hydro facilities.
  • He is currently the Managing Director for Centrica Busines Solutions across the United Kingdom and Ireland, focusing on creating an engaged team of energy experts that provide large scale front-of and behind-the-meter decarbonised solutions, whilst never compromising on safety. Before joining Centrica in 2021, Justin built a successful consultancy in Canada, and held senior roles with major multidisciplinary and international energy companies. 
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