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Lucy Padfield

ADE Chair

Lucy Padfield, ADE Chair
Lucy Padfield, ADE Chair

Award-winning and renowned energy expert with a particular passion and expertise in decentralised energy and district heating.

A mechanical engineer who cut her teeth in high-volume glass manufacturing before brief stints in lecturing and international energy policy. A Masters in European Environmental Policy & Regulation completed any educational gaps from studying science and engineering.

Over 20 years at Islington Council, managing their energy team for a decade+, developing unparalleled knowledge, experience and insight into energy policy, buildings' energy management and crucially how to actually initiate, inspire, fund, build and operate district heating in the UK.

My projects are recognised across Europe as trailblazers in this field, but are also totally replicable. While the current extension to the Bunhill heat network is a European first, taking low-grade heat from the London Underground and upgrading it via an air-source heat pump plus CHP to supply traditional UK housing stock, my work is consciously as straightforward and replicable as possible - reflecting my technical background and personal vision for a greener, better-engineered future.

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