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Dundee University

Dundee University is one of Britain’s leading teaching and research institutions featuring a city centre campus comprising over 130,000 sq. metres of buildings used for teaching, research, student residencies, recreation and sports facilities.

Dundee University | Building CHP

In operation since 1996, the CHP plant is fully integrated into the University’s energy network, the district heating system operates all year round and requires some 50,000 MW hours of energy. The three GE Jenbacher engines provide roughly 50% of this requirement whilst generating some 98% of the electrical needs of the site. The load varies dramatically as peak day demand exceeds 3 MW, but overnight and at weekends 1.2 - 1.4 MW is needed. Even in the summertime, a daytime load of 2.5 MW ensures that all three engines are still required. However, with close attention to detail and management of the thermal network, very little energy is ever wasted; this is evidenced by the fact that only 3% of the available high grade heat is ever taken to dump.

In forecasting the economic benefit to the University of CHP, care was taken to recognise growth in demand resulting from developments to the estate. The £12 million Welcome Trust building represents the leading edge of life sciences research, is connected to the central energy networks. This energy-intensive building, which operates 24 hours a day, relies heavily for its cost-effectiveness upon the supply of energy, which is provided entirely by the CHP system.

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