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Haverhill Leisure Centre, Suffolk

Haverhill Leisure Centre is managed by Abbeycroft Leisure; an award winning charitable leisure trust which manages several centres in the Suffolk region. Established in 2005 Abbeycroft Leisure is a very forward thinking organisation and as a social enterprise, great emphasis is placed on reducing their environmental impact and on continuous investment in their people, in the upkeep of their facilities and in the latest fitness equipment. Ever increasing utility prices and stricter energy legislation have in recent years had a negative impact on Abbeycroft Leisure’s operating costs and therefore reduced the amount of capital available for reinvestment. 

Haverhill Leisure Centre, Suffolk | Building CHP

Going forward a substantial portion of their electricity, heat and cooling will be generated at their own site; rather than buying energy from the national grid. The savings have been delivered by a combination of a 100 kilowatt combined heat and power system (CHP) and an 85 kilowatt gas engine VRF heat pump both of which have been provided on the basis that the equipment is owned, operated and maintained by EuroSite Power meaning zero capital outlay for Abbeycroft Leisure.

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