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University of Bradford

In 1966, Bradford was granted a Royal Charter to become the University of Bradford and the 40th university to be created in Britain. The student population has leapt from 2,000 in 1966 to over 10,000 people today, including a lively postgraduate population of 2,250.

University of Bradford | Commercial CHP

In 2012 the University was spending approximately £2,600,000 per year on heat and electricity. To meet the site needs Dalkia’s specialist CHP producer, Cogenco, designed and installed a 1.4MWe CHP unit which will ensure the university can save more than £8m over 20 years

A 1.4MWe CHP unit was installed to ensure the university can save more than £8m over 20 years, help meet HEFCE’s carbon reduction targets and maintain their position as a beacon in sustainability within the Higher Education sector. The CHP plant is an efficient engine that will generate both heat and electricity for the University of Bradford. It provides a cost effective and more environmentally sustainable way of generating electricity to power our buildings on the City Campus. At the same time it will harness the high temperatures produced through this process for hot water and for heating in University buildings. As the engine generates both electricity and heat, it is more efficient than conventional boilers and will save £400,000 per year on our utility bills.

With the installation of the new CHP unit, the University will save £400,000 per year on heating and electricity bills.In addition the Unviersity has an ambitious target to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 as part of their One Planet Carbon Strategy which the CHP unit will help contribute to by reducing carbon emissions by around 15% annually. 

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