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Bournemouth Water

Bournemouth Water (BW) supplies over 140 million litres of drinking water each day, to nearly half a million people from its base in Bournemouth reaching its network in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. 

Bournemouth Water | Demand Flexibility

BW currently have three operational demand response sites which utilise assets at water treatment works and supply pumping stations with a combined load replacement capacity of 2MW. Regular, successful resilience testing of BW systems is vital to the site’s maintenance strategy. 

Assessment and design

  • KiWi Power’s engineers visited each of the three identified sites Aldernay Waterworks, Stanbridge Pumping Station and Knapp Mill Pumping Station. KiWi Power met with operations staff and conducted detailed assessments to identify appropriate assets for use in demand response.
  • A thorough technical report and commercial proposal was prepared by KiWi Power and presented to the BW management team.


  • KiWi Power worked in partnership with BW, contractors and the local meter operator to develop a project management plan, installation risk assessment and method statements.
  • KiWi Power installed and commissioned a one minute meter to integrate with onsite high voltage metering systems.


  • Data is collected through pulsed outputs at different points and reported via KiWi Power’s control centre to National Grid.
  • KiWi Power’s wireless internet protocol technology remotely activates the asset turn down and controls on site providing the visual command for shift operators to start local diesel generators and stop scheduled pumping where applicable.
  • This process was rigorously tested and a full onsite training programme was completed with each site prior to deployment.
  • The entire project was delivered within time, quality and cost parameters.

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