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Brakes Group is the largest foodservice operator in the UK, with operations across Ireland, France and Sweden delivering over 1 million cases every day.

Brakes Group | Demand Response


“Brakes Group is totally committed to our Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy and implementation initiatives and plans. Safeguarding the future for generations to come is part of our corporate DNA”

It was assessed that Brakes Group’s main refrigeration plant compressors and store evaporator fans would be suitable assets to turn down during an FFR event. Brakes Group is energy intensive 24/7 across 19 sites and it was estimated that this would provide an average available load of 3 MW for the FFR Service.

On receiving a control signal the compressors and evaporator fans would be turned down within pre-agreed parameters, within 10 seconds of a grid event occurring. After 30 minutes, Endeco’s platform will release the control signal and the assets are turned up automatically following the required sequence.


Brakes Group benefits today from a robust, automated energy platform managing wireless sensors and actuators installed by Endeco Technologies on each 15 sites.

  • New Income from the most valuable National Grid Scheme
  • 3 Megawatts
  • 15 sites

The Grid is prepared to pay such high rewards as it has an obligation to ensure that sufficient demand is met. National Grid offers those that participate the potential to earn extra income from assets by automatically adjusting power consumption in real-time.


Brakes Group receives a monthly income from the National Grid Scheme for reducing part of their energy usage, for ~ 5 hours a year

"I just had to put Brakes Group name on the cheque from National Grid” With Endeco’s EnergyConnect platform we get a new revenue from National Grid, consume energy at the lowest price and avoid price peaks. Endeco is delivering us a New Income for helping the Grid, the Nation and my Business Unit’s bottom line." Steve Webster, Category Purchasing Manager at Brakes Group

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