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Four Norish cold stores are connected to Flexitricity’s demand-response centre, and earn revenue from Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR) and triad management.

Norish Cold Storage | Demand Response

Cold storage and logistics company Norish operates six storage and distribution centres across England and Wales, providing in excess of 75,000 racked pallet spaces, of which 60,000 are temperature controlled.

Norish uses 21GWh of electricity across its estate each year. At times of high national electricity demand, or if a major power station fails, Flexitricity turns down Norish’s cooling plant for short periods to reduce the stress on the electricity network. Critical temperatures are monitored to ensure the integrity of the stored product. This allows Norish to earn extra revenue without disrupting its normal business operations.

Norish helps National Grid only within the constraints of normal business operations. Flexitricity understands that core business processes must always be protected, so the system operates only within pre-agreed limits, which are measured and checked in real time.

“We are a major user of energy, because of the nature of our business, especially where it includes temperature controls. Obviously we do everything possible to manage energy use, both for cost reasons as well as environmental ones,” commented Norman Hatcliff, Managing Director of Norish.

“In the main, our role is that when National Grid requires a brake to be applied to energy consumption, we can contribute by reducing plant loading for certain periods without affecting product temperatures or freezing cycles. We maintain the temperature controls that we need, but also cut consumption when required, subject to a pre-agreed maximum duration, during those periods of high demand.

“From a practical point of view, Norish engineers monitor our plant at all times. But the whole STOR process is automated and managed by Flexitricity. It brings in revenue to Norish, and allows us to do our bit in reducing carbon emissions.”

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