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Pinguin UK Food Manufacturer

Pinguin UK is a pioneer and a market leader in healthy food products. For 50 years, the company has been processing a wide range of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables into fresh frozen products. REstore, as leading demand response provider in Europe, is collaborating with the transmission Grid Operator Natioinal Grid, to motivate industries to be power responsive. Through demand response programmes, Pinguin receives payments from the electricity transmission system operator for its flexible power. REstore UK enables this by curtailing the compressors and fans used to chill the company’s cold stores for short periods – all achieved without impacting overall production and quality. 

Pinguin UK Food Manufacturer | Demand Response

Using REstore’s patented Flexpond™ platform, the compressors and fans are now able to automatically curtail within the 30 minute request period of the Demand Response programme with no impact on asset performance and maintenance. Pinguin is so comfortable with the process that, following REstore’s recommendation, these assets will now be entered in dFFR (dynamic Firm Frequency Response) which requires a response of under 10 seconds. In turn, this will more than double the Demand Response payments Pinguin receive every year.  
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