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Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen Heat and Power Ltd, is an independent non profit making company set up by Aberdeen City Council to oversee combined heat and power development and installations throughout the area. AH&P has arrangements in place to actively manage the CHP plants and to sell the electricity generated to Green Energy, or to individual domestic or commercial customers in the City. 

Aberdeen City Council | District Heating

Aberdeen City Council identified CHP as the best way to deliver energy to the Hazelhead community as this could provide higher efficiencies and better pollution control than boilers for individual homes.

Cogenco designed, installed and commissioned the 300kWe and 488kWth combined heat and power unit in the Hazlehead Energy Centre – this supplies 198 domestic dwellings with heat and Hazlehead Academy, a large school serving western Aberdeen, with both heat and electricity. The unit has variable run hours during the year from 24 to 17 depending on the demand and is remotely monitored to ensure the required availability.

The council invested more than £700k into the Hazlehead scheme with the remaining funding obtained from the Government Community Energy Progamme. 

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