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Stockport Homes, working closely with British Gas, has actively addressed fuel poverty issues for over 2100 tenants across a multiple of high and low rise residential blocks with pioneering work in district heating, renewable technology and solid wall insulation.

Stockport Homes | District Heating

Before the improvements the 40 year old district heating systems were leaking. The flats were experiencing damp and mould conditions and there was a higher than expected turnaround of tenants. Stockport Homes have a social responsibility to their tenants and need to protect the most vulnerable against the risk of fuel poverty. They also want to create sustainable communities where people want, and have pride, in where they live. Since the work the tenants have experienced a number of benefits.

Heating and hot water bills have significantly reduced, in 2013 an average bill was £750 a year, 2 years later this is now £480. Tenants have more controllability of their heating system and are consuming less energy with the internal cladding keeping the heat within the properties.

The schemes have also stimulated development in the area with commercial businesses investing in Stockport, changing the landscape for the better. Approximately 700 jobs were created throughout the whole process including construction roles (painting and landscaping) and fuel supply, helping to reduce the council welfare bill. Stockport have their own fuel ambitions and are developing a fuel production facility which will produce local fuel and create further jobs.

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