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Wyndford Estate, Glasgow

The Wyndford Estate is a post-war housing scheme in Maryhill, Glasgow, with approximately 2,000 homes. In 2012, Cube Housing Association joined forces with Scottish Gas, Scottish & Southern Energy and Vital Energi to deliver a £27 million project designed to improve the energy efficiency of 1900 homes.

Wyndford Estate, Glasgow | Heat Networks

An independent survey showed at least 80% of residents found their heating costs to be unaffordable, and the existing electric storage heater systems were environmentally unfriendly. The estate was retrofitted with a district heating system supplied by a gas CHP unit. 

At the core of the pioneering Wyndford scheme is Vital Energi’s bespoke energy centre which comprises a 1.2MW CHP engine and a thermal store with a capacity of 120,000 litres. Three 4.MW gas boilers provide back-up and peak load heat requirements. 

The electricity generated by the CHP engine will be exported to the local grid. The CHP system takes away the need for each home to have an individual boiler making it an affordable and energy-efficient way of heating homes.

On completion, around 2.7km of underground pipes will distribute hot water from the energy centre to the individual buildings connected to the district heating scheme. The main district heating pipes are constructed from steel and include an alarm leak-detection system. They are highly insulated with a very low thermal loss over long distances ensuring minimal heat is wasted. Mild steel riser and lateral pipework connects the district heating mains to individual properties.

Heat is transferred from the incoming district heating pipework, via riser and lateral pipework into the individual properties internal heating system via a heat exchanger contained in a Vital Energi Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU).

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