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The Stallingborough Plant is located in North East Linconshire, on the east coast of England, 7 miles from Grimsby on the south bank of the River Humber. The plant occupies a 160-hectare site. The Stallingborough plant produces TiO2 through the chloride process that uses chlorine to react with titanium-bearing ores in a high-temperature process. Stallingborough is the largest-volume TiO2 facility in Europe. 

Millennium Chemicals | Industrial CHP

The Stallingborough Plant is one of seven manufacturing plants producing titanium dioxide (TiO2) for Cristal, the world’s second-largest producer of TiO2. TiO2, a bright white powder made from titanium ore that has the ability to pigment virtually any material, makes possible the opacity, brightness and durability in paint formulas that have made modern paints more cost efficient, easier to use and friendlier to the environment. TiO2 also gives plastics and rubber opacity and whiteness. It is used in such diverse products as printing inks, paper, ceramics, glass, leather, synthetic fibres and colours formulated for art paints. 

The CHP plant consists of two 6MW gas turbine generators which exhaust into two 60 tonne per hour Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG’s), combined with a 3MW steam turbine generator. Steam produced by the HRSG’s is routed to the steam turbine and/or the adjacent host site, Millennium Inorganic Chemicals (part of Cristal Global), where steam is utilised in a number of process applications.

In 2012 px took over the operations and maintenance services of the CHP plant under a long term agreement.

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