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University of Warwick

The University ofWarwick is one of the leading UK Universities with 21,600 students on a campus occupying 290 hectares on three adjacent sites.

University of Warwick | Trigeneration

Recently voted the best campus in the UK, It includes education and research buildings, student accommodation, Warwick Arts Centre, sports centre, shops, banks, bars and restaurants. The University has a commitment to the protection of the environment and to make the campus into a genuine green icon through a CarbonManagement Implementation Plan, including energy conservation projects.

Starting in 2000 Cogenco have provided a four phase introduction of CHP for the three campus sites:

  • 2001 – 400kWe unit installed for University Medical Centre with funding from the Energy Savings Trust Innovation grant
  • 2003 – two 1.35MWe units with absorption chilling to provide base load heat and electricity and feed the air conditioning. Stored Ice generated during night time low demand is used for day time cooling
  • 2005 – 1.35MWe unit installed to supply heat and electricity to the main campus
  • 2008 – installation of two hot water buffer vessels to provide hot water during peak times - reducing gas consumption by around 4,240,000kWh per year and saving £170,000 per year from the gas bill.

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