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It is an exciting time to be in the decentralised energy industry, with significant new opportunities opening up.

As the UK transitions away from the traditional, centralised model of generating energy, there is no better time to join us in shaping the user-led, decentralised, low carbon energy system of tomorrow. As the advocate for your sector, we work closely with Government, industry and key decision makers to create a market in which your business can flourish.

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Member Endorsements

We gain a huge amount from our membership of the ADE. This is not only lobbying government to ensure that core policy areas are not forgotten, or killed off as collateral damage to a wider piece of policy, but in keeping us informed and up to speed on developments and progressions in the industry. 

Toby Heysham, Managing Director

Pinnacle Power

The ADE are the key organisation who influence the UK and local government policy in relation to heat networks. With net zero policy at a critical crossroads, at Danfoss we find the ADE are the strongest voice in promoting district heating as part of the solution, to create zero carbon heating and cooling.

Martyn Neil, Commercial Product Sales Manager Danfoss

Since joining the ADE GeniusEnergyLab has benefitted enormously from access to the talented ADE team members and high-quality information they have access to. The enthusiasm and can-do attitude of the ADE team makes working in the policy environment a real pleasure with tangible results in shaping government attitudes to our important technology evident on a regular basis.

Chris Davidson, Director Genius Energy Lab

Genius Energy Lab

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