Combined Heat & Power, District Heating & Cooling, Demand Side Services, Energy Efficiency

Our membership is tiered over four levels for commercial organisations and we additionally offer a public sector membership. We do not base membership fees on the size of the organisation, the number of employees or connected capacity but rather upon the range of interest and the resource draw on our staff, with higher levels of membership providing access too all technology work streams (combined heat and power, demand side services, energy efficiency and heat networks) and the opportunity to help shape the ADE’s strategy.

1 Strategic

Superior benefits for leading players in the decentralised energy sector with the strongest opportunities to determine the future of the sector. Highest levels of representation and influence with Government and policy makers. 

2 Executive

For businesses with a strong stake in the maintenance and development of a robust decentralised energy market. Engagement in the full suite of the Association’s activities. Opportunities for input into the direction of the ADE and its lobbying position. 

3 Decentralised Energy

Tailored for organisations developing strong commercial, managerial and operational interests in the decentralised energy sector. This membership level is targeted at members who may not yet have interests in all of our technology areas but have businesses with significant position in the sector.

4 Basic

For companies and operators seeking a better understanding of the decentralised energy, CHP, demand side services, heat network and energy management market.Offers opportunities to play an active part in the national activities of the Association and become more engaged with the wider industry. 

5 Public Sector

For public sector and social housing organisations, Universities, NHS Trusts, Regional Development Agencies and Registered Social Landlords. 
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