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E.ON is one of the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies. We’re focused on changing the way people think about and use energy.

E.ON Energy Solutions | Building CHP

In our cities and regions, the landscape is changing. The first shoots of a cleaner, greener future are breaking through and now’s the time to nurture them into something really powerful.

Today, growth no longer means constant, throw-away consumption.

It means moving towards smart, sustainable initiatives that conserve resources and help our communities and economies thrive – healthy, responsible and ready for a bigger, brighter future.

At E.ON, we’re proud to be doing our bit to help. We’re working with cities and communities all over the UK and Europe, helping people like you take

control, harness new power sources, technologies, develop innovative infrastructure, smart networks and achieve landmark environmental targets. Now we’d like to do the same for you and your communities.

However ambitious your vision for your city’s future, we have the expertise to help you make it happen. From reducing emissions to generating your own power, electric vehicle charging to intelligent street lighting, creating zero carbon social housing to cleaning the air your communities breathe, together we really can achieve something extraordinary.

Why E.ON?

  • Market leaders, with over 60 district heating schemes serving over 40,000 UK customers.
  • One of the first UK battery storage schemes, 10MW installed at our Sheffield CHP site, Blackburn Meadows.
  • Over 1.3 million  measures installed under government efficiency scheme, providing lifetime savings of £1bn.
  • 21 wind farms powering the equivalent of 700,000 homes.

Local energy

Creating your own local energy system empowers you to shape your city’s energy creation around its exact, evolving needs.

It’s an idea that’s changing the industry,  and it could deliver a major step change in reducing your city’s carbon emissions.

We’ve already helped thousands of customers be part of their local, decentralised, low and zero carbon energy systems – delivering a cost-effective, sustainable future for individuals and communities. It’s a real partnership.

We work with you to understand your needs, establish parameters and create an optimised design. Then we build the infrastructure to generate and store your own energy from your preferred sources – whether that’s biomass and CHP or solar and wind power.

Virtual power plants

Our virtual power plant is an intelligent, optimised system that responds to your energy demands. Connect your energy assets including on-site generation, heating,

ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration and lighting to manage flexibility on a computer or mobile device 24/7 with our custom platform and app. Our experts will also be on hand to help control your flexibility within agreed parameters. All helping you identify potential revenue and savings from your existing infrastructure, including reductions in carbon emissions.

Jointly branded energy

We can work with you to co-brand your own energy, generating revenue by creating a compelling product your community can buy into. Competitively priced,  environmentally conscious and directly benefiting local services, it’s an initiative with huge potential. You’ll have our support every step of the way, from marketing and commodity market risk management to customer billing, maintenance, servicing and support.

Battery storage

Our innovative battery storage solutions give you genuine energy security, increased flexibility, savings on net energy spend and the opportunity to generate additional revenues. We offer design, build and maintenance of installations ranging from small residential modules to large-scale units.

Let’s start creating tomorrow’s cities today

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