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Hysopt engineering design and simulation software is user-friendly, optimises large heating and cooling retro-fitted or new installations. It delivers a digital dynamic twin of your P&ID, checks the system and optimizes the performance which leads to improved efficiency and environmental comfort, substantial cost savings, quality and durability of the heating and cooling system.

Hysopt NV | Building CHP

Hysopt is a spin-off from the University of Antwerp: our technology has been developed on the basis of years of research. We want to use our software to optimise HVAC installation performance levels on a large scale. We do this by supporting installation companies and engineering offices with powerful, user-friendly engineering software and services.

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The ultimate hydraulic design is exceptionally clear, as are the KPIs. Mapping out the various KPIs for every design enables the client to make a quantitative evaluation of their installation’s energy consumption, thermal comfort and control behaviour, and so make the right choices.

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