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MTU UK Ltd is part of Rolls-Royce,Power Systems AG with two business units, “Engines” and “Onsite Energy & Components,” one of the world’s leading suppliers of engines, propulsion systems and decentralized energy systems.

MTU UK Ltd | Building CHP

We develop and produce large high-speed engines and propulsion systems for ships and heavy land, rail and defence vehicles, as well as drive systems for use in the oil and gas industry and in power generation.

Our diesel engines and gas engines are capable of power outputs up to 10,000 kW and 2,535 kW respectively. MTU also supplies customized electronic automation and control units for its engines and propulsion systems.

For over 70 years, MTU has provided clients in the oil and gas industry versatile and reliable mechanical and electric drive diesel solutions. Our systems and engines power pumps and generators for stationary and mobile equipment, onshore and offshore.

Our power solutions for extracting resources are reliable under extreme conditions while providing the greatest possible degree of operational safety. MTU products are used, for example as emergency power supply or fire extinguishing pump engines in off-shore rigs, and in frac drives that meet the most extreme challenges with their absolutely reliable start and load-bearing performance and high availability.

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