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SAV Systems is an established provider of energy efficient Heating & Ventilation solutions. In partnership with key suppliers, we work regularly on the development of new applications, whether for AirMaster Demand Controlled Ventilation, LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power, Heat Interface Units & Heat Meters, Distribution Manifolds or HVAC Commissioning Modules.

SAV | Building CHP

At SAV-Systems, we take care with the assessment of expected loads for any project proposal, to ensure there is good CHP potential. In particular, we spell out the expected benefits in terms of carbon reductions and cost savings with Low carbon CHP solutions to 75kW(e)-150 kW (th)

SAV Systems offers you experience gained through hundreds of building services projects. We get involved at the feasibility stage and see each project through to commissioning and handover, providing support at every step of the way.

We offer EC Power LoadTracker CHP gas units, each up to 15kW (e) and 30kW (th). By using clusters of between 2 – 5 units, we can deliver up to 75kW (e) and 150kW (th) at any single installation. If the initial assessment shows that LoadTracker CHP would be unsuited to your site, we’ll be the first to say so!

Besides supplying the DHW base load, LoadTracker CHP can also account for a significant portion of winter heating load. Two unique features make this possible: generator modulation down to 40% of maximum output (which allows continued operation in spite of low electric demand) and accurate control of thermal storage contents (which maximises the effectiveness of dealing with demand surges).

LoadTracker CHP closely follows the fluctuations in site demand over daily and seasonal cycles. This dynamic response is instrumental to maximising LoadTracker CHP running hours.

Nothing should prevent the CHP system from achieving maximum operating hours. To this end, we’ll offer suggestions as to how to incorporate the LoadTracker CHP into plant room pipe work.

When your project transfers to site, we can provide continuing support through our installation partner. Commissioning and annual servicing can be part of the package. Each Load Tracker CHP unit is monitored remotely for the client’s peace of mind.

Incidentally, where CHP units are part of residential developments, we can offer a range of SAV Heat Exchange Modules for the consumer end. Energy metering can easily be included, together with efficient billing systems. We aim to provide complete community systems.

Heat Interface Units
SAV has a long association with Danfoss and its Termix subsidiary, a specialist in heat interface units (HIU). The Termix HIU is a frequently used component in district heating systems throughout Northern Europe.

The FlatStation heat interface unit (HIU) is based on technology by Danfoss, a well-established supplier of District Heating systems. Danfoss HIUs are compact, highly efficient and easy to install. Every unit is backed by comprehensive technical support to consultants and site service to contractors.

Danfoss FlatStation heat interface units come in 2 main types: Direct and Indirect. In both of these, a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) plate heat exchanger is heated by primary water from the central plant room. Space heating can be arranged either by:

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