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EQUANS, the new brand for ENGIE’s services led activities, is one of the UK’s largest independent power producers and leaders in the energy transition with expertise in distributed, renewable and low carbon energy technologies. EQUANS uses its capabilities to help businesses by leading the UK’s transition to a more secure and sustainable future.Our strategy is based on investing in integrating our energy expertise with our broad services offer, and innovating in customer-led solutions and technologies. The business has well-established and diverse operations that include providing power and gas to thousands of UK businesses, and delivering services to more than 14,000 customer sites across the public and private sector.

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EQUANS empowers transitions for today and tomorrow

EQUANS is a market leader in the sector with 74,000 employees leveraging 200 years of expertise. With revenues of €12 billion, EQUANS is present in 17 countries - mostly across Europe, but also with significant interests in North America, Latin America and Australia.

EQUANS is a leading Services. Energy and Regeneration group employing 14,000 people in the UK across three main activities:

  • Digital transition
  • Energy transition
  • Industrial transition

EQUANS in the UK is a key electricity generator with a merchant generation fleet of 13 operational assets with a total capacity of 4,050 MW. Five of the power plants and the trading operation are 75% owned by EQUANS and 25% by Mitsui.

District Energy

EQUANS operates over 180 District Energy schemes throughout Europe, many of which were also financed, designed and constructed in the UK. We operate some of the largest and most technically demanding District Energy schemes.

With over 30 years’ experience, EQUANS has the expertise to provide a comprehensive service for District Energy, encompassing:

  • Initial feasibility/financial viability studies
  • Provision of finance for projects
  • System design
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Project management
  • On-going operation and maintenance
  • Contract energy management

In the UK EQUANS is an expert in the provision of city-wide, smart, district energy systems. We have the capability to decarbonise whole cities by connecting and growing our existing large scale, low carbon heat networks, whilst integrating multiple, low carbon renewable technologies and waste heat sources.

The EQUANS District Energy team have over 30 years’ experience in developing, delivering, and operating large district energy networks. We are committed to working with our partners in local authorities, large organisations, and businesses on their energy transition, as well as fulfilling our ambition to make net zero-carbon happen.

Embedded Generation

EQUANS is technology neutral – we partner with customers to help them achieve their goals, whether that be reducing their energy cost or carbon footprint, improving their energy security, or supporting them participate in the energy markets. As a market leading player in numerous technologies, we provide turnkey design, build, finance and operate services, including energy sale and offtake contracts, for:

  • CHP
  • Solar PV
  • Wind
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Market leader - CHP

EQUANS is a market leader and trusted partner in designing, building, financing, and operating CHPs. Our solutions cover both co-generation (heat and power) and tri-generation (heat, cooling and power) by combining multiple technologies to meet your specific needs.

Demand Response

EQUANS can offer you an integrated approach to energy consumption control, which allows you to maximise your cost savings through responding to peak demand periods, making energy consumption behavioural changes and utilising on-site generation for increased profitability and control. The service can include: Frequency Response, Load Management, Triad Management and Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR).

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