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Bosch is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating products. In the UK, Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating is part of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. a company that specialises in providing complete system solutions for the commercial and industrial heating sectors with individual outputs from 50kW to 38,000kW.

Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating | Commercial CHP

Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating offers a broad range of energy efficient heating and hot water technologies, ranging from latest in condensing boiler technology to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) modules and district heating solution.

Combined Heat and Power

Bosch CHP outputs range from 12 – 400kW of electricity and have a host of features including:

  • Overall net efficiencies of up to 91.8%, with higher efficiencies available through optional condensing technology
  • Modulation of output between 50% and 100%
  • Proven quality and reliability with Bosch’s renowned standards for manufacturing quality
  • Remote Monitoring System facilitates system monitoring, performance analysis and fault detection/diagnosis, as well as automatically providing advance notice of servicing requirements
  • Quiet noise levels of 44 dB(A) can be achieved
  • Trigeneration with CE 50 NA - CE 400 NA modules
  • Bosch specialist team providing system designs, product specification and installation queries
  • Choice of service and maintenance plans.

The leading manufacturer also offers CHP CPD training which can be held at your company office and adapted to meet your individual requirements

District Heating

Bosch’s extensive product portfolio also encompasses the vast majority of requirements for district heating networks, including:

  • High-efficiency gas or oil-fired boilers with outputs from 50kW to 38,000kW
  • Compact cascade systems comprising multiple wall-mounted boilers, enabling 400kW heating capacity to be housed in 1m²
  • Heat interface units (HIU) for enhanced control in each space
  • Compact multi-water heater cascade systems up to 600kW
  • Gas absorption heat pumps, also available in cascade configurations
  • Solar thermal heating systems
  • Comprehensive range of intelligent controls.

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