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Since Calor Gas Ltd was formed in 1935 we have experienced a meteoric rise: from humble beginnings providing a new versatile fuel for rural homes to our current position as the UK's leading supplier of LPG – and now part of SHV Energy, a global family of LPG companies.

Calor Gas | Commercial CHP

 Today, LPG is a flexible, exceptional energy and is still the lowest carbon fuel option for homes and businesses with no access to natural gas. Calor offers off-grid heating solutions for businesses and householders.

SHV Energy’s sustainability goals

Calor is part of SHV Energy, a group of global companies, which has a vision to be Better, Cleaner, Together. By focusing our combined strengths, we can deliver a better-performing business, help achieve a cleaner planet and unite SHV Energy people working together to achieve these goals.

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Whether you’re a farmer or hotelier, caravan park owner or factory owner, Calor have it covered. And, if you’re involved in new off grid building projects, they can help you develop your eco credentials and comply with latest legislation.

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